X3000 and LCD TV

X3000 and LCD TV

I have a new PC with an Asus P5B-VM motherboard with the X3000 video chipset.

I am trying to ge it to display properly on a Thomson Scenium 30LCDB03C widescreen LCD TV using Linux (Ubuntu 7.04) and the xserver-xorg-video-intel driver.

The TV allegedly has 1280x768 resolution possible although the manual claims only 1280x720 is possible.

Either way, all I can use is 1024x768 which displays in the middle of the screen with black bands either side. I have reworked xorg.conf to allow the PC to output 1280x768 but this displays in the same size box on the screen, squashed horizontally.

The screen can display widescreen - the text boot sequence is widescreen which the TV reports as 720x400.

I'd appreciate any help in getting full widescreen out of the chip.

The TV does not report EDID info properly (or indeed at all).

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Have you asked about this on the xorg mailing list?Keith Packard and the otherguys from Intelseem to beanswering similar questions all the time.


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