Attention: New Vista driver 15.4.3 destroys 945GM card?

Attention: New Vista driver 15.4.3 destroys 945GM card?

i installed version 15.4.3 von windows vista 32-bit on my 945GM, and it causes screen flickers.

i even deinstalled it and installed the previous version (15.4) which worked just fine before. but it still flickers, seems like the 15.4.3 destroyed something, i hope its not the card!

how can intel release that driver and MS give a WHQL certificate? thats a shame.

i have a dell inspiron 640m laptop.

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My bet is the 15.4.3 is setting a registry entry which is not getting properly cleaned up when you de-install and go back to 15.4. Perhaps if you are able to get rid of all the 15.4 and 15.4.3 registry entries and try reinstalling again?

I am getting exactly the same problem with my D620. Everything was working fine and had no problems at all, upgraded the latest driver and now I am getting flickering screen all the time.

Tried removing the driver and installing the old one but it does not help.

Yeah same thing is happening with me after doing clean install of 15.4.3 driver. My laptop is Toshiba one.

And it hasn't done any harm to onboard chip because in Windows XP it's working fine.

I hope they will soon come out with a stable tested version.

There is really one thing funny about it, that is has got WHQL certification with it.

Default Microsoft Driver fixes this problem.

But after reverting back to 15.4 driver version from 15.4.3, problem still persist though intensity of flicker gets less.

They should better recall this driver as soon as possible, and the link is still up at the time of writing.

Same error here after the installation of the 15.4.3 driver on a Dell Inspiron notebook.
Reverting to older Intel-drivers didn't fix the issue. It could indeed be a registry value which causes this behaviour and that survives even after the installation of an older version.

Intel should fix this bug as quickly as possible since I have been seeing *many* reports of this issue popping up on various forums during the last week.

Btw, did anybody ever use the Video BIOS update from the developer package? Could updating the Video BIOS with a version from the driver package maybe fix the issue?

there is NO video biso update within the driver package.

video bios is updated along with the normal bios update

i seen the vbios files within the driver package but they are not for a bios update

I was referring to the zipped vbios945gm directory. There are three files in it, one of which is an executable named cal_14**.exe. The file can only be executed from DOS and as far as I understand it is meant as an example flash-utility for developers.


It seems that Intel has removed the buggy 15.4.3 driver from their website. When I did a search, only the former showed up.

just switch to windows aero in the personilzation settings
it fixed the flickering for me

NO thats not a solution.

in the startup and login screen it still flickers.

Since even downgrading to a lower driver version doesn't fix the issue once the 15.4.3-driver has been installed, it seems very likely that the problem is related to an erroneous registry key that doesn't get overwritten by lower driver versions.

I very much hope that Intel will soon publish instructions how to manually fix this problem without having to do a complete system-recovery.

I installed 15.4.3 and suffered the same flickering problem, uninstalled... reinstalled...uninstalled..reinstalled a million times and the problem still existed.

Well guys, I have a solution!!! It is really easy to do and it requires no uninstalling/installing. You can keep the 15.4.3 driver and do the following.

Type in regedit in the search bar and open up the program

Find the registrykey: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlGraphicsDriversMemoryManager]

Delete "MemoryManager", restart your computerand it's fixed!

I have an XPS M1210 running Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit.

Great find! I will try this later. Let's hope that Intel will upload a fixed driver soon. The 15.4.3 isn't available for download anymore...

does the 15.4.3 driver improve anything on GMA950? also can someone upload it? thanks for the solution.

Thankyou! For a week I've been uninstalling and reinstalling drivers daily, this has finallyresolved the flickering on my Dell D820.

Thanks for the solution. That flickering has been driving me nuts for a week, been switching back and forth between the two drivers trying to find one that works. Even thought might be a INF problem, so tried every combination of the 2 graphics drivers and 3 inf drivers.

Fixed the flickering on my Lenovo 3000 N100 perfectly after delete and reboot.

Worked great here too. Thanks!

I must say I am appalled because of the poor quality of drivers and the whole GMA950 hardware. When I bought my laptop I knew that the 945GM/GMA950 chipset was restricted performance and feature wise, but I never thought it would be downright broken.




SOLUTION: removing the registry string

This problem ocured after installing the newest drivers :

So intel still didnt solve it. :( Realy bad thing...

BTW: i had this problem before, and the registry key was not there, so i could not fix it that way, i just reinstalled vista that time.

wow! next time try and restore your computer:) thats what i did and fixed the problem though it rolled back to the old drivers.

im trying to update to 15.4.3 but it gives me a error saying its not validated for this computer even thoughi have intel 945GM!! i think these drivers caused the flickering problem in the first place?

If i rfestore my system, i get WindowsXP (i just got this pc to use Vista on, becouse vista is running verry good on this thingy)

And how to update verry easy, extract the exe file you download from intel, en use the device manager to install the drivers withs you extracted from the exe file :)

Easy :)

interesting that the solution is the delete a string in registry.

I just installed Windows Vista Home Premium today. I'm using a silent PC buildt with these specs

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 FSB667
Graphics: Intel GMA 945GM
TV card: Hauppauge Nova-T 500
HD: Samsung 400Gb and 500Gb
Ram: 2 Gb
Output: HDMI 1.2 to TV, using 1920x1080p at 60Hz
TV: Sharp 37" - LC37XD1E

The standard Vista installed works and I get a 1920x1080 resolution. I then tried to upgrade the Graphics driver to the latest version, but I'm really lost on the Intel site.

I tried to install a pack with winvista1523.exe and one with winvista1543.exe. Both had the nice effect that my flatscreen TV flickered with a black line running down over the picture at random intervals. So I reverted back using windows system restore screen back to the previous state without the flickering.

Where are the latest drivers? I found these links:
The table shows all sorts of 945.. something but not 945GM, should I just go with the 945GT instead?

If I go to
takes me to a page for "82945G Express Chipset" hmm I was looking for 945GM. From that page and can get to this page
and from that I can get a link to this page
that shows the drive as version 15.4 from 4/18/2007. The readme shows these details:

*  Microsoft Windows Vista*                                                       
* Driver Revision: PV 15.4
* Package: 35087
* Graphics:
* HDMI Audio:
* April 18, 2007
* NOTE: This document refers to systems containing the
* following Intel chipsets:
* Intel 945G Express Chipset
* Intel 945GZ Express Chipset
* Intel 946GZ Express Chipset
* Intel G965 Express Chipset
* Intel Q963 Express Chipset
* Intel Q965 Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 940GML Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 943GML Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 945GMS Express Chipset

If I go with the 945GT link in the original table I can get to this page
that shows a drive with version 15.4.3 from 6/6/2007. The readme shows these details:

*  Microsoft Windows Vista*                                                      
* Driver Revision: PV 15.4.3
* Package: 37610
* Graphics:
* HDMI Audio:
* June 6, 2007
* NOTE: This document refers to systems containing the
* following Intel chipsets:
* Intel G33 Express Chipset
* Intel 945G Express Chipset
* Intel 945GZ Express Chipset
* Intel 946GZ Express Chipset
* Intel G965 Express Chipset
* Intel Q963 Express Chipset
* Intel Q965 Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 940GML Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 943GML Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel 945GMS Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel GM965 Express Chipset

The driver that shipped with Vista which I'm currently using is:
Driver Version: 7.14.0010.1138 (English)
DDI Version: 9Ex
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 12/5/2006 01:00:30, 2105344 bytes
Driver Name: HdAudio.sys
Driver Version: 6.00.5840.16387 (English)
Driver Attributes: Final Retail

The reason I would like to upgrade the driver is that I have some problems with my Hauppauge Nova-t 500 TV card that records TV in Vista Media Center. Sometimes it works great and sometimes the recording stutters/jitters. I tought it would be a good idea to update all drivers to their latest version and see if that would help.

What 945GM driver should I download and install?
And are you using the exe file or the zip and just pointing the driver to update from within Devices?

15.4.3 is the latest for 945GM.

I personally download the .zip version, extract it, then run setup.exe from the extracted directory, but that's because I hack the .INF file. For a normal user, downloading the .exe version and running it should be fine.

my idee would be, download exe files unzip the exe with winrar, and install the drivers by using the device manager...

play with it, try drivers... reinstall, deinstall.. just play around and you'll find your own best solution :)

thanks guys. I guess I will make a new restore point and then try to install the 15.4.3 pack again and delete the string in registry. If it goes sour I can always revert back.

btw: what is the gma950 tool good for? I get this little blue icon on the system tray that takes over the display properties. Do I need that for anything, I prefer the standard windows display properties.

The release notes lists the following as a "resolved issue"


Blank HDMI if plugged in during resume (S3 -> S0)


Intel 945GM Express Chipset

Any idea what "SoftBIOS" refers to? Does the driver also update the firmware/bios of the 945GM?

In the olden days (2005), Intel driverswere mostly references to the VideoBIOS, which contained a lot of indispensable information about resolutions, standby behavior, etc. In more modern times, the SoftBIOS takes its place. It looks like the VideoBIOS, so most of the underlying driver code didn't have to change, but it's software rather than firmware.

I tried this solution before testing this thread. It worked for me and my Vista works correctly now!
I don't know which solution is better, but I had the same problem as what you describe here, and know my problem is solved:

Follow this instruction:

  1. Click on the Start button (pearl? ball? orb?).
  2. Type "Task Scheduler" and hit Enter.
  3. On the left-hand side, click "Task Scheduler Local" (you should already be there, but just in case).
  4. Expand "Task Scheduler Library," then "Microsoft," then "Windows," then click "MobilePC."
  5. Up top, you'll see a task called "TMM." Click it, and on the right-hand side, click "Disable."
  6. You're done.


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