For those that still have doubt of the hardware capabilities for running AERO on an intel 915...


On Intel's website I downloaded the following document: "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 Series Software Developer's Guide". On page 8 of this developers guide Intel compares the Intel 915G Chipset with other two video cards. Take a look and you will see that Intel 915G Chipset is superior on all hardware specifications. One of the cards compared is an nVidia GeForce FX 5200 and guess what? it has WDDM support. See for yourself:


Intel' developers guide:


nVidia's drivers support website:

(select: "Graphics Driver > GeForce FX Series > Windows Vista 32-bit" and hit "Go" on the left. On the left menu of this new page select "Products Supported". And there is the GeForce FX 5200.)


Intel please stop lying to your customers. I know we are different species from you, but we still are intelligent beings and we have feelings.

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No one doubts the ability of 915G to run Aero except Microsoft. We know it can work because it was in the betas with an XPDM driver.

When you checked those specifications, did it say anywhere that there was a hardware scheduler on the 915G? Because that is what Intel claims is missing in order to attain WDDM status. Ifthat's not there, and that is indeed a Microsoft limitation for WDDM, then Intel's not "lying".

Nothing about a hardware scheduler here:

The domain of lies and deception from the Intel Corporation regarding their GMA product truely knows no bounds.

Clearly the GMA supports the features of Windows 3D compositing, because we can use these features. Infact, we can even use these features in Windows 3D compositing! (and on Linux because Intel made the mistake of releasing a generic driver for Linux)

The only problem is the agreement between Intel Corporation and Microsoft to assault our joy, by crippling our expensive Intel platform technologies.

Shame! Shame! I would suggest Intel releases their GMA driver with GMA900 support, sooner rather than later. Or at the very least, leak the specifications of the GMA chipset so that the End Users can try to put Humpty back together again.

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