addon card of HDMI

addon card of HDMI

i have DG965SS mobo and i heard that there is a card for S-videoDVIHDTVHDMI

where can these cards be found (ie. for what exactly should i search at the computer shops/sites)

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The only HDMI + HDTV + SVideo card for Intel graphics that I'm aware of is

It's about $45. You'll need to modifythe includedcable if you want audio because there's a design flaw. If you decide to buy it and want audio, let me know and I'll point you to the procedure.

For others (DVI, VGA, etc.) do a search for "ADD2".

thx a lot archibael, ill try find it in my retealler since among all the shopping sites in my country there is no add2!

i have to add2 card and would like to know how to get audio, can you point me to the procedure?

Which motherboard and which ADD2 card do you have?

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