dv9500t and 965GM/X3100

dv9500t and 965GM/X3100


I have just gotten a HP Pavilion dv9535us (a variation of dv9500t). It has an Intel Coe 2 Duo T7300 processor in a GM965 chipset with the Graphics Media Accelerator X3100.

Since so much of my CAED stuff is not yet Vista compatible, I wiped the hard disk and installed Windows XP Professional.

I downloaded that latest GMA driver (v14.29). The installation completed normally, but on reboot after the Windows logo, the screen goes black with a bright spot on the upper right corner. The system does not hang.

I am currently running the driver provided by HP i.e. SP33889 (which is GMA v14.24) but as G965 (which I believe is the desktop version). The 17" screen is running in 1440x900 as it should.

I found a posting describing the exact same situation, so apparently this is not unique.

Interestingly, the Chipset Identification Utility fails to make an identification.

I don't understand what is going on. Can someone please shed some light? HP tech support has no clue.


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hey i am that post's poster.

so does that driver from HP work at all?

having resolution 1440*900?


Small WWW! :)

Yep. It works okay as long as I don't try anything adventurous. 3D performance is shit, but everything else works fine. It took me a long time to find all the XP drivers for this machine. HP tech support sucks.

Are you still using Vista?

hello again,

yes i went back to vista (and spent time wondering why just boot up can use 600MB of ram ;)

can that driver play DVD at all? I tried to install the 945 driver from DV9000t but it won't allow me to install, should be some validation checking if the machine is 945 or not(?). So I have no idea if 945 driver will work...

If it is able to play DVD smoothly i can still live with that for now. 'cos running XP in this thing is crazily fast..

and I will post this link to notebookreview.com thread.

Hi. DVDs play okay. I haven't noticed any problems.

Here is what I did. I am posting this so some other poor soul does not have to suffer through the agony of this.

1. Download SP33889 from the link below. Extract the files using WinRAR or something. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericSoftwareDownloadIndex?software...

2. Go into device manager, and choose to update the display adapter drivers. Choose the "Have disk" option and locate "igxp32.inf" in the "Graphics" folder where you extracted the files.

3. Select "Intel G965 Express Chipset Family".

And voila! You are back to XP and have just saved on 600MB of precious RAM.

And why isn't anyone else interested in our ramblings? I was hoping someone would read this and miraculously solve all these problems. I hurts to shell out so much money and still have to go through this.

hi dear!

i have hp compaq 6710 b , i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 , everything is working perfectly but the video drivers are problem.

I havn,t find it on hp site and also on intel, Intel 965GM Graphic are drivers but cant found anywhere,

please help me to find the drivers......


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