Media Accelerator 950 vs 256MB Ge Force 7300...Please HELP!

Media Accelerator 950 vs 256MB Ge Force 7300...Please HELP!

Hello, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 w/ a Nvidia 256MB Ge Force 7300 Graphics card and am looking at returning the computer and getting the Inspiron 640m which comes with the Intel Media Accelerator 950. The system is too small to upgrade to a mid-range card. I am not a big gamer at all and mostly use the system for normal internet functions. I do travel and like to watch a movie here and there. I am running Vista Home Premium and was told the better card will help my OS run better.

So my question is, will a simple guy like myself really notice the difference between the Nvidia and the 950? I do some photo editing and presentation type operations but I don't do many things that involve much graphics. But I don't want Vista to perform any less. Are there any other features that may be affected?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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i have the 640m with the 950 card and it runs vista and aero just fine. no problems with that. the card is fine for internet, office and watching DVD.

but dont try to run any games on it, you will be disappointed.

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