Vista64: Alpha Blend Assessment hangs on X3000

Vista64: Alpha Blend Assessment hangs on X3000

Cannot complete the "Windows Experience Index" as it hangs about 1/8 way into the "Running the Direct3D Alpha BlendAssessment" test. Been sitting there for an hour or more. Tried several times, canceling just hangs explorer requiring task termination else system goes to its knees.

DG965WH motherboard with builting X3000 graphics, 4/27 bios and 4/17 graphics (2007)

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Are you using an additional video card or only the onboard video card?

I am using the onboard video but with an "add2n" card to allow two monitors. When running the testI was displaying it in the 2nd monitor which was connected to that add2n card.

OK,I just rebooted after disconecting the secondary monitor and it ran correctly the first time but the second time I started it up it hung at the same spot as when I had two monitors. Ithen cycled the power and was able to run that same testtwo times in a row(after it hung on the second try earlier). Here is image of the results

You can see where the score when from 1.0 to 3.4 on graphics. With the second monitor connected and the test being displayed on it I was never able to run it successfully and you can see the score of 1.0 which indicates the test never ran.

The add2n card I got simply takes the digital output from the x3000 and puts it on a dvi connector. The primary monitor is vga.

There is a bug somewhere, but at least I got it to run and got a score. So should this be submitted to microsoft as a Vista bug? Today it ran 3 out of 4 tries but previouslyI never got it to complete.

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