Video card problem

Video card problem

I've got a problem with my laptop videocard. I havea Fujitsu P7120 laptop with: Mobile Intel 915 GM/GMS, 910GML express chipset family; 128 MB;

This videocard doesn't seem to work properly with the following aplications: DirectX 9, Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader;

As a result i'm not capable of running several other aplications wich require them, for instance, pcgames, even when all technical requirements are met;

For what I've been seeing in some game forums, this problem seems to be widespread. What can I do to have my videocard functioning properly with the above mentioned aplications?

Many thanks

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the 915 graphics dont have a vertex or pixel shader

Many thanks for your repply (I was loosing hope!)

Well, one thing I know:the Intel Chipset should be working properly with directx9 (because Intel claims it does) and clearly it isn't. The consequence is that I'm acquiring games which I can not run with my current laptop (eventhoug all the requirements seem to be met). I'm sure you must be having other clients complaining about this.

What I would like to know is if there is any solution that solves this issue (directx9 with the Intel Chipset). Is Intel working on a solution for this?

If there's no solution and none is being developed what can I do? Ask for an indemnity?

Once again many thanks and I do hope you can help me with this issue.

Ok, here's the deal. If you want to get your stuff working, but it requires TnL or Vertex Shading or what have you, Intel WILL NOT give you a solution to your problems. Fortunately, yet unfortunately the solution is found in a third party program, that seems legitimate. I go into further discussion about it in this topic, however I'll summarize the topic for you. This is a third party emulator, that is not spyware or anything else like that. What it does is it emulates the TnL and Vertex Shader, but at the same time it is not perfect, and while they will run, and look fairly immpressive, do not expect the results of a dedicated videocard.

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