Can I prevent typing Ctrl-Alt-F4 each time I turn on the TV? (IL-90MV / 945GT)

Can I prevent typing Ctrl-Alt-F4 each time I turn on the TV? (IL-90MV / 945GT)

Im using the following graphic driver: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver version 15.2.3

Each time I turn on my Digital TV (connected over HDMI) I have to type Ctrl-Alt-F4 to select Digital TV output .
I would like not having to use my Keyboard on my HTPC.

Does someone on this forum use the same driver and knows how to configure the software so I dont have to type Ctrl-Alt-F4 each time I turn on the TV?

I have the following configuration:

OS: Vista Ultimate
Motherboard: IL-90MV
Chipset: Intel 945GT
CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO
Memory Brand: Corsair
Memory Size: 2x1Gb
Memory Configuration: 2x1Gb
Graphics Card: None
Graphics Driver Version: Intel 82945G Express Chipset reference drivers is PV15.2
Operation System: Vista 32 Ultimate
HDTV: Panasonic TX-32LX60A



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I was having the same problem with my new setup that is essentially identical to yours. I still don't know what's causing the system to revert to the notebook display settting, but Intel needs to provide a "default profile" setting that gets loaded everytime the graphics are initialized.

I've created a workaround that has pleased me, so I figured I'd let you in on it. I first tried to create a macro with the Firefly remote control that I've been using, but it sends virtual keystrokes above the hardware layer and it looks like the Intel drivers don't register those for hotkeys. I created a small application that does the CTRL+ALT+F4 keystroke - but it does them at the hardware level so they get picked up by Intel's software.
Application is here, and you can find the source here if you don't trust me ;-)

Then the challenge is to set the resolution back to what it should be since it defaults to 800x600 when switching to notebook display. I found a command-line utility called MultiRes that lets you do this.
Get MultiRes here. The command I use with it is:
MultiRes.exe /1:1280,720,32,60
That's /1 for the first display adapter, 1280 and 720 for the width/height resolution, 32 for the 32 bit colors, and 60 for the refresh rate. This is a free app so there's no nag screens involved.

Then the only thing to do is setup a macro for your remote. In my case, Firefly makes this very easy. Check this page out for instructions, but here's the macro I created:

And I put these lines in the global.xml file for the A-D keys so that the Firefly hierarchy will catch it as long as the open application hasn't already configred those buttons (which is rarely ever).

I tried to post this answer on the abit forums, but I haven't gotten an activation email since I registered (twice), so I gave up. Hopefully this answer finds you before you throw the system out ;-)

And hopefully Intel will see what a pain in the butt it is to get around their software to make it work like it should. Intel - please fix this.

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