G965, DX10, SM2+3+4 = confusion

G965, DX10, SM2+3+4 = confusion

Ok. Here is what I think I know:

1. G965 with current drivers( supports software vertex shaders and pixel shader 3.0.

2. Supposedly/hopefully there is a driver coming that will enable hardware T&L vertex shader support.

Here is what I am confused on:

1. If/when this driver shows up, will it support vertex shader model 3.0 or 4.0?

2. Is the hardware capable of supporting vertexSM4?

3. Is the hardware capable of supporting pixel SM4?. If so, will this new driver add pixel SM4.0?

4. Which would be faster, a quad-core CPU using software vertex shaders dedicating 3 CPU's to vertex processing or G965 hardware vertex shading? Also, is that something that is programmable(assigning individual CPUs to vertex processing), or is that fixed and handled under-the-hood by the driver?

5. Can you assign a multi-core CPU to use one of its CPU's to be a pixel shader? Evidently GPU's are becomming more like CPU's with flow control and such being added, so it seems like a logical progression.

Lots of questions I know, but it seems the state of things from DX9-DX10/SM2.0-SM4.0 is pretty hairy. Any good links to answers to any of these questions would be appreciated. Thanx.

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Need to fix some of ure knowledge

The latest driver only supports pixel shader 3, future drivers are supposed to support vertix 3 and T&L, if u think u got vertix 3 u can chek it using this site http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtestand tellus if u got it.

and for the other ques. as I know G965 is supposed to support SM3, got no info about the other ques. sry..

I should have been more careful with my wording and put quotes around parts of my sentence. You're right, I only have "hardware pixel shader 3.0" and "software vertex shaders"(decent ones at that with only a 3.2Ghz single-core CPU). I checked with the utility that came with the DirectX SDK. You can see the info here:


Kinda a bummer that Intel chose to put the label "DirectX 10" under their hardware driver info list and Microsoft claims that any DirectX 10 card "has" to support SM4. Wonder if anyone will start a lawsuit over it like the other one started over Vista hardware labeling. :) If you hear any new info please post. Thanx.

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