Intel Integrated Graphics and Radeon1600 Pro

Intel Integrated Graphics and Radeon1600 Pro

I am having difficulty with my Radeon 1600 Pro Graphics Card. I cannot update my drivers for the card because I am having a conflict with the Intel 945g motherboard's on-board Integrated graphics.

Question 1: Is there a grpahics card that would not be affected by the motherboard's on-board graphics?

Question 2: Is there a work-around for the set-up that I now have?

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Try to disable on-board graphics in bios or uninstall all intel gma drivers. They should work. I don't know.

I went into the bios and tried to disable the on-board graphics but I can only bring them down to a minimum, it wont allow me to fully disable them...secondly, can you give me specifics on how to uninstall the intel gma drivers

thanks in advance for your help

Not sure I follow you. Intel Graphics is disabled when the PCI Express port is populated.

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