x3000 Basic Question

x3000 Basic Question

Ok, so... I know full well that integrated graphics don't work as well
as discrete graphics. However, people keep telling me that I won't be
able to play games (and run my Chemistry software, but since you lot
are probably more familiar with the reqs for online gaming, let's go
with that) with integrated graphics.

Now, does that mean that the games literally WILL NOT OPEN AND RUN, or
are they just saying that it won't work well enough for me to enjoy
playing (which makes more sense to me)? Will the computer refuse to even run the games? See, that
doesn't make sense to me, but people keep saying that I won't be able
to do stuff.

Can someone explain that? Yeah, I know it's stupid. =)

Also, once all the drivers are released, how much better do you
anticipate x3000 being? I'm looking to buy a new laptop when Santa Rosa
comes out, and I'd like to get an ultraportable. Those don't usually
come with discrete graphics, so I'd like to know how well I can expect
x3000 to perform. If it's not going to be at least acceptable, then
I'll need to look for a discrete option. I have a desktop with a 512 MB graphics card for doing most of my work/gaming, but when I'm on the road I want something that will at least function enough to allow me to work.


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Well ure Q is v emportant wish I have asked it before purchasing my mobo!

for my X3000 I cant play Delta Force (the last edition of it i cant recall what is its name) coz it need hardwate T&L but i have SWAT4 which also needs T&L the only difference is that DF wont work but swat gives a worning and works, so each independent and no program is like the other.

X3000 is a low-end graphic card with the supplied driver 4 now, but supposed to be a mid-range (or sth between low end and mid rang) graphics.

i will prefer that u get ure laptop with descrete if possible since an integrated shares memory with ure ram, and dont beleive what says that it only shares what it needs, but this doesnt really work! since program that need a big deal of graphics require big ram and programs that require low graphics mostly require less ram, so its useless. Its even as I beleive either shares or it doesnt (when no share its on 8mb basic graphic ram).

I dont think a chemistry program will require much graphics (you can simply notice what needs lot graphics and what dont), and when all out it must be able to run much games, since this card gives the basics, any program askes for basic requierments if found everything is ok. for example commandos special force (or what ever the last edition is called) has a good deal of graphics and need T&L, vertix and pixel shader 3.0 which supposed to be exatly the X3000 max, most games these days dont need much above that. So the questions is, If it supports minimum what is the need of discrete? And the answer is that discrete will give much more, any sub 100 PCI-E card will give at least 15 Pixel & Vertix shaders for each which will be an add 4 the game.

To see the difference take any game that works on a P3 pc and install it on P4, PD, or C2D and you will notice that the game is much faster and maybe better graphic apperance. To make my self more direct it is like when you have 2GB or ram when your program can run with only 1GB, the extra GB will help improve speed but some times not even noticable.

Thanks for the info. I appreciate the response!

So, let me see if I've got this right. You're saying that there are some games/programs that will not run at all with x3000 right now, but once they've got the drivers all updated and the kinks ironed out, they should work just fine.

I know that integrated graphics steal RAM from your system to use for graphics. How much memory do they usually use? I'm planning on getting a computer with 2 gigs of RAM. Will the graphics use as much as 512 MB? More? Less?

My old laptop, a large desktop replacement, has a 128 MB ATI Radeon 9600 Graphics card. It's always done fine with everything I wanted it to do graphics-wise. If the new x3000 integrated graphics can compare to that, a discrete card introduced 4-5 years ago, then I'll be happy.


The X3000 won't use more than 384MB of RAM for video.

We won't know whether DF willrun on the X3000 until the beta drivers with T&L show up in the next several months or so, and it's hard to guess without knowing exactly what DF is failing for.

Well I beleive it should be comparable to a 5 years old graphics since its not so bad, for shard memory you can share 128~384MB depending on what you choose, 384mb is a bood sum, even the latest and most supreme DX10Geforce 8800 Graphic card got 384mb, for sure they are not comparable even in the kind of ram they use isnce 8800 uses GDDR and u use DDR2, but in the sum they are the same. I prefer that you wait a bit until this driver comes out.

Most all games should run, but when you play some ofthem the frame rate could be 2-3fps, basically unplayable. If you could run most of the stuff you needwith a Radeon 9600 than the X3000 is a good choice. Once the drivers come out you should be able to run all but the newest games at playable rates. My last motherboard(D101GGC) has an ATI Xpress 200(X300) which was basically a Radeon 9600. After finally getting an X3000 motherboard to play with it definately is a huge improvement. I can actually play highdefinition OTA tv which was unplayable on the old ATI X300. And if you have 2GB of RAM you should be all set. The videoshouldn't take more than 384MB.

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