Where can I get the source for Intel GMA 900 driver?

Where can I get the source for Intel GMA 900 driver?

I read somewhere on this site that there's a full guide on the Intel GMA 900, and I read some of it and saw that they where talking about the source code of the Intel GMA 900 in C/C++ I'm wondering where I could get the source because I want to try to give the driver support for Hardware vertex shader and T&L and also I'd like to enable intel_hal.so
It's on Wikipedia and it says that it could give you performance gains so I would like to try it.
I tried download the driver for developers, but there was no source code there.
Could somebody please give me the source code?

-best regards

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hmm thats a nice thread.u really read this in wikipedia?tell me the link!!ill also help u in searching for the source.ut wait,one day i asked intel by email that cant HT&L and pixel and vertex shader be supported by 900 in the next drivers,they told me it cant be done.but so wot??well try it out ourselves!

Open source drivers are available for Linux.


Here's the link :


Yeah, but it's going to require various days of work, maybe even months.

@archibael That's for linux only, I need the source for windows and besides I tried download their drivers, and it wouldn't work, I'm using firefox.

yea i know its goin to take lot of work.but this card really needs ht&l and hardware ps and vs.and btw i cant find the page where its written that adding these features is possible in intel 900.

Yes, I provided the Linux ones because they are the only open-source drivers out there. Don't know where anyone got the impression that there are open-source Windows drivers in the wild.

Hold on, it's a guide written using Adobe Acrobat, I'll see if I can find it again.

hey man,
i emailed to an intel representative asking where can i get the source drivers.this is the reply:

Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.

If you are interested in obtaining this information, the only way to
obtain it is to contact one of our authorized distributors and sign a Non
Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You will need to work with a Field
Application Engineer (FAE) at one of our distributors. A list of our
distributors can be found at the following web site:


Once you get to this site, select your location, then select from a
list of our distributors to find one that is located in your area.

If you are outside the United States, please access the following link
to find the closest authorized distributor:


looks like we'll have to seign some agreement :/

Interesting, I went there and it said "buy authorized", "buy it right"
Am I going to have to buy the source from Intel, because I'm not going to distribute it, all I'm going to do is make a driver for me that has Hardware T&L, and hardware support for Vertex shader 2.0
If people want the driver, then I'm going to have to contact Intel to get the rights to redistribute it.

I want hardware T&L and vertex shader 2.0 also could you tell me what you've found Chroncile

The only thing I've found is a guide in PDF on the Intel website, I can't seem to find it though, if I find it I'll post it here.

Hate to break the news to you but the 915G (GMA900) graphics controller does not have Hardware T&L. It's not in the silicon. You can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear no matter how hard you try.

The only currently released graphics controller with HT&L is the G965 (GMA X3000). According to Intel it will have a HT&L driver available later this year. http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/intelg965/sb/CS-025665.htm

I' m a miserable man on earth*_*

I purchased a motherbroadstuck withG965 chipset and GMA X3000 just a couple days ago. I am so disappionted that the GMA X3000 is completly useless for exalty everthing!?

No support for all the stuffs that worth to do, even a simple game or viedo, so what on earth is this GMA used for? I don't know, maybe its only a way of wasting money.

I' m now so tired trying to let my computer perform better, I hate it! With those online games work like a stupid thing plus extra slow in action, I'm totally down in frustration.

And now I realize that the GMA has no drivers(how could this possibly be? I don't believe it), no support in almost everything, and does not compatibleat all. (What a trash!!)

I hope someone would able to tell me how could I make this GMA work, or should I ababdon it andbuy aGeforce product. *sigh*

What drivers are you using? The G965 is actually very good at video, if not stellar for gaming.

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