wot about 915 and 945

wot about 915 and 945

i recently read henriq's thread.yea good news for g965 users they are getting drivers which would increase the performance.but wot about 915 and 945 users???and 945 isnt old atall.these are good cards.they just need good drivers to function better!!

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That's true, but the users of Intel 915, and 945 don't have hardware support for Vertex shaders, I'm a user of the Intel 915 and I've found it difficult to play games due to the low fps, I hope that Intel will optimize the drivers for the Graphics Media Accelerators 900+ generation.
The Intel 915, and 945 are excellent cards, but the drivers for them are horribly optimized.
All these cards need are good optimized drivers and they're almost as good as optional add in cards such as nVidia or ATi.

yea i know these are good cards.i saw the release notes of these cards' drivers and yes they dont fix anything about vertex or pixel shaders and no optimization for so many dx9 games!why intel why?????cmon these are good cards plz make good drivers!! :(

"..Intel 915, and 945 don't have hardware support for Vertex shaders,"

915 and 945 have support for VS 2.0 and PS 2.0 through the Processor specific graphics pipeline. This statement is false.

I didn't know that, I thought the GMA 900 had software vertex shaders, but I did know that the GMA 900 had hardware pixel shader.

wot a card!!i thought its having vs.this means this isnt full dx9 card :( .damn if i knew already i would have bought a nvidia or ati

It does not really matter if these cards have or not an hardware support of VS & PS, the point is that numerous games are not working properly on those cards because they do not support properly PS 2.0, be it due to the hardware or a poorly designed driver.

Be sure that next time I buy a laptop, I will be sure it does not have an Intel graphic card !

In other words the GMA 950 Isn't a good videocard for games? So if isn't meant for games like Call of Duty 2 and such then where is it meant for? for Office only?

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