Integrated G965 GMA: One line of text missing on power-on screen

Integrated G965 GMA: One line of text missing on power-on screen

HI everybody!

When you power-on your PC the first thing you see is the Boot-Screen of your graphics adapter.

My integrated G965 writes as first line:
> Build Number 1371 PC 14.18 08/11/2006 17:22:22
> ...
and some copyright information.

But I'd swear, when I bought the motherboard, there was a line reading
> INTEL Broadwater...
with INTEL in colored letters.

Where has this line of text gone? Any idea, anyone?

ASUS P5B-V with integrated G965 Express chipset, Core 2 Duo E6300, 1GB RAM with 256 MB shared mem.
19" TFT, so no lines should be clipped at the edges


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Have you updated the boards BIOS since purchased?

As far as I remember there was a board BIOS update within the driver update package 14.25.

But can you (or anyone else) verify that this first line of text is regularly omitted with my current BIOS build 1371 ??

Best Greetings,

Board BIOS doesn't get updated with drivers, you have to flash it yourself in a separate procedure. The "videoBIOS" files found in the older drivers were for reference only and didn't modify anything on your motherboard.

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