Good news 4 G965 users

Good news 4 G965 users

I have been surfing Tom's Hardware and I found this:

This means the new driver will be out soon, and seems to be supporting everything :)

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Looks phenomenal!

I will not believe it fully until I see it posted to, though. :)

"I had the opportunity to play Half-Life 2: Episode One using Intel's early G965 driver, and at 1024x768 with most settings on high, no HDR or AA, the game was surprisingly smooth and very playable"

these reviews look really promising considering what people have been expecting and experiencing with the current drivers. Perhaps even better than I expected for their first driver with shader support.

However they also say "Intel will be posting a beta driver within the next few months, releasing a finalized driver later this year". So they are a bit vague on times. I hope its not as long as this sounds till a beta is released.

But since they are able to show a working prototype at a show why not post a very early Beta version?

Typically the Intel betas are released to OEMs only: Asus, Dell, HP... once in awhile one of those folks will post them on their website as beta drivers, but it's rare.

Hopefully it's soon, though.

Hey I just found this on the Intel support site.

Intel 82G965 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)

GMA X3000 for Support Hardware T&L and Vertex Shaders

Intel is currently developing and validating drivers for the Intel G965 Express chipset that support hardware T&L and vertex shader functions for both the Windows* XP and Windows Vista* operating systems. Beta versions of these new drivers are targeted for download availability within the next 3 months with a production version planned later in 2007.

Thrilled to be wrong on this one! :)

This is great news! Now I can code my games and compile it right from my PC.


3 or so months before it comes out, I think I wouldbe getting a DX10 gfx card.

I think they're just covering themselves this time. Within three months could mean anyhting from tomorrow till beginning June. They probably want to avoid a repeat of last year where they gave a very tight timeline and failed to meet any of the dates.

Lets hope the release date is closer than 3 months.*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng

for XP users driver 14.27 has been posted without release notes to the motherboard download pages. I guess this isn't the version of 14.27 with all the "bell's and whistles". I don't use XP so I can't check.

tested these onmy computer, no improvements noticed. same fps, same performance and same compatibility. games i had tested and that didnt work still dont work. changing options concerning shaders in some games still cause crashes, and system reboots.

That's because the 14.27s don't have the beta shader/performance drivers. They're just bug fixes. The betas are still in development.

Hello... new kid in town (literally)

Anyway... Intel should follow the Roadmap it presented. I wonder why it got things go crazy. First, they promised that 14.27 will unleash everything, but what did we got? Well, just a few minor bug fixes. Vista users will only be happy because their BSOD sickness from the 15.1 has been fixed by 15.2

But what about us? I've been reading the forrums of V-R Zone and here and I noticed that Intel's kinda making us wait long. That's not cool for us consumers (I'm a gamer that experiments...)

I think we should demand Intel for giving us the BEST!! and I MEAN BEST!! performance of the Drivers after the very long wait... especially in the HW T&L addition to the drivers. I really can't wait to use my PC and play VALVe Sourced games. There must be a very good prize we should get for waiting very long....

are they doing something for 900 and 945?i downloaded the drivers for 915,no peformance increase.but those are just beta drivers so final drivers are going to increase performance,isnt it??

Well they maybe need someone to force them to put this driver and compesate the costumers for waiting so long, and that means a lawsuit

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