vista 32bit new G965 drivers

vista 32bit new G965 drivers

Hi has anyone seen this driver for viata 32bit. ver released 27 Feb. Its not on the download page underGraphics but can be found under the individual motherboard download here:*+32&lang=eng&strOSs=164&submit=Go%21

As far as I can see no HW T&L. Could anyone tell me whats new? There are no release notes with this driver which is odd. There is also a new BIOS version dated the same date.

Is 15.2 = 14.26?

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14.26 is dead dead dead. Replaced by 14.25.50. 14.27 is due next. Don't know whether it will contain HW T&L or not, though.

I tend to agree with you, I'd just like to know what 15.2 is compared to 15.1 and why its not on the g965 download page and why it has no release notes.

The Intel website is spotty in where the drivers get placed. In this case, the Vista drivers are only posted in the motherboard section but not chipset; for 14.25.50, they were posted in the chipset section but not in the motherboard. Choose one and stick with it, why don't ya, guys?

I miss the Release Notes for 15.2, too. I know they fixed the 4GB+ issue, but don't know specifics on anything else other than they included a new "TV Wizard".

When it supports shaders, alert me!

I'm having a hard time coding my gameon my G965 integrated PC,doing that on my slowasslaptop is killing me, but at least they have a Nvidia chip that supports the most basic element that my PC lacks= shaders!

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