Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family

Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family

Come on Intel we want wddm drivers im sure it can be done..i have read up areo has worked on 915gm/gms,910gml on beta builds of vista..Thear is a hug cry out for WDDM Drivers...we got 2427 sig's on one petition ( and thats just the peeps who have found it and been looking into it just think of all the other peeps who hasn't!!

Come On Intel Please Try And Work On This!

Thanks For Ya Time Taylor!

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any luck on this i need this so bad, there are so many people in the same boat as us and we NEED this driver. Some of us have just paid out 300 for vista ultimate or home premium and now we cant even use the biggest feature, AERO.

Common do something to help us out!


Intel is really upsetting a lot of people in the market and they are losing face quick. I'm not talking hundreds or thousands, but there are millions of people out there affected by Intel's refusal to release WDDM drivers for the 900 series graphics chips. I find it hard to believe these chipsets are not capable of support WDDM. I have extensive background working with high end technologies and chips setswith companies like Raytheon and HP and I just dont see the hardware limitations there that Intel talks about that correctfirmware upgradescouldn't correct and make compatible. I am currently the Asst Director of Information Technology with a company supporting over 9200+ users based all over the country. Our IT commitment is to refield computers after 2 years of service. We have been very loyal with IBM/Intel for many yearsand we have hundreds of thousands of dollars in laptop purchases invested. We have started integratingWindows Vista onto our networks, but because of the refusal of correct drivers for Vista for Intel 900 chip sets, we are moving to new vendors that supports AMD technologies. We are quite disgusted by Intel's action or inaction for that matter regarding this issue. I dont know how many other companies, on top of the individual users, there are out there making the same decisions, even today, but the decisions made today will carry through tomorrow and people dont forget easilly. I can only imagine that many other companies will soon make atransition like we did. Any search on the net will yield people complaining about this subject in great detail with no responses from Intel, further promoting the look and feel of bad customer service practices in the eyes of it's potential buyers.

I very much agree, The fact that the 915 in my HP laptop has 128 meg of deticated ram, and can run Grand Theift Auto San Andreas fine on windows XP, i am sure it could run Vista Aero fine, and that is sad that there were drivers out during the beta of Vista!! I used my MSDN access for Ultimate and the one feature i want i am upset because intel will not atleast write the driver, and warn us "YOU MAY GET A POOR EXPERIENCE" wouldnt that be fair?. - Wilson (Signature 3700ish on the petition!)

OK, guys, here's the deal.

There's "Vista Ready" and "Vista Premium Capable". Microsoft decides which is which:

The 915 graphics chip is "Vista Ready". It runs Vista just fine. It is NOT "Vista Premium Ready". From the above Microsoft site:

Some Windows Vista Capable PCs have been designated Premium Ready. These PCs will provide an even better Windows Vista experience, including the Windows Aero user experience. Features available in specific premium editions of Windows Vista, such as the ability to watch and record live TV, may require additional hardware.

Confusing? Yes. Deceptive? Well, some people think so, and have brought a lawsuit against Microsoft for this exact issue:

In fact, since that lawsuit, Microsoft has gone back and made a change to that paragraph I quoted. Read about what it used to say:


To everyone who bought a laptop with Intel 915 graphics, because it was labelled "Vista Ready", you were NOT deceived. It IS "Vista Ready". It runs Vista just fine.


If you somehow thought that "Vista Ready" meant that you could run the cool 3D tab flipper, and the fancy "Aero Glass" high end 3D interface, you were wrong.

I'm sorry you didn't understand what you were getting when you bought a system with an old, low end, legacy graphics chip. I'm sorry the Microsoft marketing material and logo labels confused you. I really am. I wish none of us had to deal with this.

Is Intel ever going to release a "beta"/unofficial driver for 915 graphics?

I'm not the "official" person to answer this, but I'd say "no".


Because it's an old, low end, "legacy" part. There aren't any people at Intel dedicated to writing new drivers for this part. Intel laid off 10% of its workforce last year - 10,000 people. Ten thousand. The rest of us that are left are trying to get all the work done. Obviously, we can't do the same amount of work. Some things have to get dropped. Decisions have to be made about what projects are going to happen, and which ones are going to get cut. Like I said, I'm not the "official" person to say, but my guess is that there just aren't people sitting around, collecting a paycheck, that could be thrown at writing an unofficial "beta" driver. Wouldn't it cool i
f it happened? Of course. Would Intel like to do it if we had the resources? Certainly! But we live in the same reality that you do, and we have to make our budget balance just like you do. We can't always do everything that we'd like to do.

I hope this serves as a "final word" on this discussion. If you have more questions, please do continue to discuss it here, email me, whatever. But I'm hiding anything or holding anything back - I've laid it all out on the line, here, and I hope it helps you guys understand.

And if I could buy everyone a drink to make you feel better, or a brand new "Vista Premium Ready" computer to run the Vista eye-candy, I would. But there's that whole "reality" thing...

My laptop is HP nx6120 and thw OS is Windows XP-Prof.

The Display is not clear.The Intel graphic card is showing and accepting maximun 1024*768 True color at 60 Htz display; I want to change the settings to 1280*1024. How can I do it and which software should I download from Intel Site so that I can change the display settings.


Have you tried unchecking "Hide modes this monitor can't display"? If you have and 1280x1024 is still not showing up, try running MonInfo and reporting back the findings for that monitor.

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