x3000, no drivers, no support, no compatibility, no answers

x3000, no drivers, no support, no compatibility, no answers

I recently purchased an Asus Motherboard with G965 Chipset and GMA x3000integrated graphics card. It was not a fast decision, I googled for what I thought would be the best integrated graphics card available, people talked about DX10 support, Vista, etc, and right now its no vista, no dx9 support, and no compatibility with almost every game worth playing.

Right now I feel likeI have been fooled into believing that with this graphics card I would at least be able to play DX9 games, I wasnt asking for much, but right now there's no support for anything, every game runs slow, but what annoys me the most is not the speed, is the lack of compatibility and the poor driver support. Where are all those features? g965 has been out for months and there is not even an ETA on the drivers, and the only I could find had an estimate that by now we would be getting 14.27 version drivers and even 14.26 hasnt been released yet. Why no beta drivers? The general consumer is also a good beta tester, and both ends could profit from such a relation. Im feeling really bad about this whole situation and am starting to think that maybe I should have gone with the NVIDIA solution for integrated graphics; NVIDIA does not let their costumers without drivers for months and months and with no answers.

And as the Software Network goes, is this some kind of Roswell? Is there a reason for no replies to users? Are the drivers a government secret that no word is spoken about their existence? Users need to know where are the drivers, what is being done, when its being done, when its going to be released, if its going to be released. Intel interaction in this forum or the lack of only makes it hard for users to wait for new drivers and wait for answers. If Intel/support/network wants to improve, improve first on interaction with users and consumers.I feel that as we purchase your products thats a given right, to obtain support and expect answers from the vendor.

Thanks in any way for reading. As for me I will have to continue waiting for drivers that actually work as they are supposed to, money does not grow in trees and I will only be able topurchase another graphics card in months (that was the main reason why I chose this Gfx chipset).

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Intel will not offer a roadmap for the GMA 3000 family so until releases are made we won't hear a thing. The G965 chipset has been out for over 6 months so don't feel like your the only person missing out because some users started using theirs long ago when 14.25 was just a dream. Although we all want the drivers we shouldn't expect them to just listen to any request or personal thought, it's a corporation do you think they care about a few complaints? Currently the only information I can offer you is that we should see 14.26 in quarter 2 and that 14.27 should follow sometime in quarter 3. 14.26 will enable SM 2.0 in hardware (Pixel/Vertex Shader 2.0, T&L) and 14.27 will enable all of the Clear Video features and SM 3.0 in hardware.
There have been numerous posts made, complaints sent, ect. ect. but nothing is going to change our wait time. If you search around the web there are a few sites that have the information your looking for and if you just like to complain send an email to Intel, I'm sure you'll get a nice response explaining how the GMA X3000 isn't made for gaming but for office use.

I can offer you some more information if you email me here at my email address:

Well I really hope the 14.26 driver will be out in quar 2 and not delaied much more, and for the answer I'v always got the same answer for the first reply which is there card supports Vertix shader 3.0, but when I send them a reply saying that there isnt they just ignore the email and say that they have received an empty email!

Never ever trust Intel again. NEVER.

Are you looking for G965 Vista Drivers?? really it's not that hard. I went to http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-023621.htmand found them easily.

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