Have it your way.

Have it your way.

To whom it may concern,

I'm sorry, but you have failed to provide support for Windows Vista, for the 915G/910GM Intel Express Chipset. I have expressed my disaticfaction to this matter, in that you (with your flashy adverts) at the time, persuaded me to invest in a laptop with your intergrated chipset installed. Had I known what "intergrated" meant at the time, and the above problems it would of caused, it doesn't take a genious to tell you that I wouldn't of invested.

There are currently "1966 Total Signatures" on the petition for this matter, yet you still choose to ignore it. If i'm not mistaken you have an obligation to provide the WDDM driver for this chipset, as currently you are selling these chips as "Vista Ready/Capable". Therefore you can't legally sell these chipsets, and then refuse to provide the drivers for them.

I suggest you take a look at what 1996 signatures of un-happy Intel users looks like, by clicking here: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?intel915

If your plan is to force us into buying new machines, so that you can sell your "current" graphics cards, then personally, i'm not falling for it.

If this issue is not resolved, I will not buy another laptop system containing Intel chipsets, or stand-alone (for that matter), graphics cards.

I'm sure I will not be alone in implementing this "BOY-COTT" of Intel products.

It's in YOUR best interest to provide Vista and Aero Interface support for this chipset, or you face losing out, big style.

Thankyou for reading,


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First, lets start with 910/915 systems labeled "Vista Ready". This is a true statement as Vista will run just fine on these systems however, they do not say "Aero ready" or you would have a valid complaint. Also, why do you point you finger at Intel for the Dell, HP, etc. system you have that has the "Vista Ready" sticker on it? Contact the system manufacturer about it.

Granted Intel does say "Intel 915 Express Chipset family platforms using 512 MB of system memory or more meet all current requirements for the Microsoft Windows Vista* Capable PC program." however it does not say Aero capable. And the 915 does meet Microsoft's standards for Vista Capable PC program so this is a true statement.Sowe really have no beef here, we were never promised Aero capable.

Now as for the XPDM vs WDDM driver issue, the driver supplied on the Vista DVD are Intel XPDM drivers based on the 14.17 release. These drivers are owned and supported by MS. Intel does post updated 910/915 XP drivers that will work in the XPDM mode on Vista. I think the latest release of this driver is 14.25.50.

As far as writing aWDDM Aero capable driver for the 910/915,Intel was very forthcoming on why this can't be done. And in my watching this chip giant over the years the explanation given was very candid on the limitations of the 910/915 graphics controller. I don't think they are denying us a driver to be spiteful,they are just telling us the simple truth, 910/915 wont support Aero! I think their FAQ at http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-023606.htmexplains it very well especially questions 3,4,& 5, especially question 5.

"Q5: Why doesnt the Intel 915 Express chipset family support Windows Vista Aero?
The overall graphics architecture and design of the 915 Express chipset family (with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 graphics engine) was finalized prior to Microsoft releasing details and specifications around the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) driver and running the Aero interface. Given this, there are hardware limitations in the 915 Express chipset architecture that would limit graphics performance and memory capabilities when attempting to run WDDM on Vista.

The hardware limitations of 915/GMA900 graphics center around not having a large enough memory table to support Vista Aero, a key feature that is part of WDDM driver support. This, along with hardware restrictions on surface placement and graphics memory alignment, results in graphics memory usage that is not optimized for Aero performance. Additionally, the lack of native hardware support in the 915 Express chipset family for Vistas dynamic memory management would result in slower graphics performance and a sub-optimal user experience with Windows Vista Aero.

With these identified limitations, the 915/GMA900-based graphics system would not have met the performance requirements for Aero desktop composition support under Vista. This ultimately led to the decision to begin WDDM support with the Intel 945 Express chipset products, as Intel addressed these hardware limitations with the desktop and mobile Intel 945 Express chipset families.

To provide the best performance and user experience with Windows Vista on Intel 915/GMA900 platforms, Intel will support
Windows Vista on 915/GMA900 with the drivers based on the XP driver model. "

So if Aero is all that important to you maybe it's time to upgrade to something other than a going on 4 year old chipset! In other words, quit yer whining!

Are you serious? Forget about all that "Vista ready" "Aero ready" marketing crap... How about we talk about the fact that Intel said that the chipset was DX9 compliant... As I understand it it's not, that's why they can't write the drivers for it and Aero won't run. When I purchased my laptop I shopped around for a DX9 and PixelShader 2.0 compliant card so it will support Aero... Not only that but in beta releseas of Vista Aero worked just fine on this chipset... That influenced my buying decision and because of their lies I can't enjoy the full Vista experience... Talk about buying AMD/Ati from now on... FUDGE YOU INTEL!!!

LAZY *****

As far as I remember, when I purchased my laptop Intel promised its chipset "meets all current requirements for the Microsoft Windows Vista", but now I can see how "current" and "Vista" must be interpreted. And I'm not sure but I think I read somewhere (at Intels site) that the GMA900 was intended to be the cheapest/lowest card to support Aero (not sure, I repeat!)

Idid try Vista betas with aero enabled (I can't see improvements here that justifies disabling GMA900 support, really), I have recently run Beryl over Ubuntu with transparency effects andtasted MacOSX (a hackintosh install) with Aqua at full speed and full eye candy.

I have no intentions left to trust Intel ever again! No matter they release a wonderfull wddm driver for ustomorrow, I don't feel like discovering the truth when I read "our chipset supports this and that..." next time.

PD Sorry for my terrible terrible English!

A total scam. I am buying an AMD based computer. F*ck intel!

bikerfoo:... not everybody is rich as you. I have limited financial resources. Iam alsonot mentioning that that I bought this intel-based piece of junk three months ago....not four years ago.

What they are trying to do is to open some market for the vista home basic. If they release the driver, there would be no reason why to buy home basic. If you want home premium, you would be forced to get a lot more money out of your pocket so you get the "super cool graphics card, the super cool processor" or if you have a laptop like me, change the whole laptop. Not releasing the driver is dirty business as usual with money grabbing freakscorporations like intel.

I can think of a good reason to choose Home Basic; and it's the price.

Thanks to the MSDN Academic Alliance program I have Vista Bussiness (legally) installed but can't see the point having it instead my good old XP SP2 (6 years of waiting and I can't even change the UI )

As the engineer I'll become some day (software engineering) I'll have some oppinion to give in which O.S. to use in my work area, and this is not the way I'll ever chose Vista.

My opinion is that this situation is "thanks" to Intel (let's see if we can sell another bunch of shitty chipsets) and doesn't benefit MS (if I were them, I would try to keep vista requirements as low as possible to sell more units, because Xp is no more their main bussiness)

I very support the Signatures opeation!why intel is not charge the driver to fit the intel 915 Express Chipset family?Is hardware problem,you can use software solution the wddm problem!and Microsoft draft this new windows vista isin First quarter of 2006 to sale on market,but said any problem delay to First quarter of 2007,so have i already new coputer in 2006 to upgrade new windows vista is unfair.

If you plan on installing Vista (which has pretty steep system requirements), why not get a computer with better hardware?

When you get a computer with integrated graphics and Audio on the
cheap, you can't expect to have a brand new, High-end operating system
running on all cylinders.

You should count yourself lucky that Vista even runs on your system.

Intel makes great processors and mainboards but their graphics cards
are there to provide minimal functionality for their customers. If you
want fancy graphics (like AERO) then you should get an Nvidia or ATI
card installed.

You can to explain intel in test wddm driver on windows vista Bete is works?Vista Bete in September, 2005 test is works,can you to explain is problem!

Given the fact that this whole issue is blowing up, in terms of
mainstream coverage, talk of class action lawsuits, I've decided to
lock this comment thread. The discussion has run its course as it
pertains to Intel Software Network and this forum. I'm sure there will
be other, more appropriate places to continue this conversation. This
is no longer the place.

Please do not start any new threads discussing this topic, as they will be locked. Thank you for understanding!

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