1440x900 on G965

1440x900 on G965

Hi everyone. I'm running a GMA x3000 on the G965 with Vista, and I'm unable to select the 1440x900 resolution. I was wondering if anyone else is trying to use this combination and if they have any insight. I've also checked "List All Modes" and Intel's GMA driver control panel, and neither have this resolution available.

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i am using g965 n my monitor maxx res is 1440X900 i ve no problem regardinf this

I can't get 1680x1050 to work on mine (1440x900 doesn't work either). I think the problem is related to problems with the G965 detecting widescreen monitors. I have a dell 2007fpw and it won't detect it (It does detect my HP1740 4:3 screen). I have tested the dell monitor on another computer (with an older Intel chipset) and it detected it and enabled 1680x1050 no problem.

I found a fix for mine. Check out this thread: here.

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