X3000: Intel left ASUS vulnerable.

X3000: Intel left ASUS vulnerable.

Hi all,

1. I have bought ASUS P5B-VM based on G965 and one of the major headaches is X3000. What is bought is significantly less then what was sold! I wanted a motherboard with mid-end integrated video, with support of shaders 2.0 & 3.0, OpenGL 2.1 -- and it is exactly what you read in specs. What I get is kind of a low-end video for the case if you decided to attach monitor and launch some applications.

2. I started communication regarding this X3000 issue with ASUS support. And the answers were "it's all decided by hardware". There were no talks even about the drivers. It was me who started to convince them that software simply doesn't see support of shaders 2.0 & 3.0, OpenGL 2.1 and it is no good. Now they "evaluating the problem". I find this a bit ridiculous.

3. to sum up, it looks like Intel did not provide even their big customers like ASUS -- or maybe even ASUS is kind of OEM partner -- with adequate information about hardware and drivers. I could believe, that ASUS simply is not able to write these drivers on their own and is de facto a hostage of Intel's wiliness to provide healthy drivers for X3000 in time. I said "in time"? No. It is already toooo late. I would say that Intel did a bad job here and simply left ASUS vulnerable.

What do you think guys?

What would be a constructive proposal in such a situation?

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Such a irresponsible step by intel, I bought this motherboard specially for GMA-X3000 not for GMA-3000 not I am felling be cheated by intel. Who is responsible for this, I think intel should answer to all the customer who bought this motherboard.

I am also very upset with this situation. I just wrote some mails to the intel support, but they ask questions like
-What is exactly the Intel graphic controller on your computer?
-Are you receiving an error message? If so please provide the exact wording
of the error message.

Apart form my previous detailed hardware und software description which included the answers for all of this questions...

They do not understand the problem.. The driver seems to do not benefit from the hardware improvements made with the x3000 or the x3000 is broken by design.

In both cases, we all bought an expensive product which is very useless. :(

runingman84, yes it is frustrating a lot. Could you please send to Intel support the link to the current thread?

Also they could see that situation is quite the same on ASUS side:

If they like I will provide some links to subject from Russian and German communities as well -- of course it is to few to get an idea that the situation is all the same around the world.

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