GMA 3000 or GMA x3000?

GMA 3000 or GMA x3000?


Even though I have the Intel G965 Express Chipset, in the Display Properties (under Settings --> Advanced --> Adapter) it shows the Chip Type as Intel GMA 3000. Shouldn't my motherboard have the X3000 version? Is this normal, or is there some sort of fault in my motherboard?

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hi thr..

me too hav the same prob with my board.. its only mentioned as gma3000 and not as x3000. me too runnin on a d965 express chipset .. DG965RY is my board.. also i downloaded a pdf file from intels official website which was abt x3000 igp. it was mentioned tat it could support a video memory upto 384mb.. but i cant increase my video mem more than 256mb.. wat shud i do for this...? do anyone hav a solution for me.. pls .... :(

Look at comparison of GMA graphics cores and chipsets

I conclude that every chipset G965 should have GMA X3000.

Sriram 1695, where did you buy your PC?- My pc I bought at Best buy.

And also I want to add one important thing. I don't know, why there are different specifications of graphic on web sites:

My model of computer is HP Pavilion Media Center a1640n.


i had a look at those links posted by u.. i find the same as these igps (x3000) can share upto 384mb of ram.. but in my board the video memory is not shared.. i hav installed 1gb of ddr2 (533mhz) in my board.. i can vary my video memory from bios settings only to 128mb and 256mb. no matter how much i keep these settings i find my system memory to remain same .. but this should never happen in case of sharing the video mem wit RAM... i actually assembled my system myself.. Bought board and cpu as boxed products from original intel showroom.. i'm runnin on a intel pentium d processor(d945, 3.4ghz, 4mb l2 cache, 800mhz FSB), original intel dg965ry board (classic series).

check out this pdf .. this is from intel.. they've released it for x3000 and 3000 igp.. they've clearly mentioned about it.. but nothin in it resembles in my system.. i think we shud verify it only wit customer support..

hi there bro... i've got a solution for our prob .. download the latest agp driver from the followin link...*+XP+Media+Center+Edition&lang=eng&strOSs=88&submit=Go%21

install the driver and set in ur bios settin - the video memory to maximum dvmt.. now checkout the video mem thru dxdiag or settings option in display properties.. its 384mb... its gr8!!!! man i jus now figured it out.. and i'm sure tat we are runnin on a x3000 igp coz only an x3000 igp can support upto 384 mb of video mem.. while a gma3000 can support only 256mb... Atlast!!!!!! i can game at full stretch now...

This doesn't appear to be your problem, but FYI:

In Vista, memory allocation is limited by the amount of RAM you have installed. See:

With 1GB, you can get 256MB, but you have to have at least a gig and a half to get the full 384MB...

hi bro..

thanx for ur suggestion.. i'm runnin on an xp wit sp2 and not on vista... moreover my board dont share memory from RAM... it has already got an in built mem for graphix.. the last driver i used supported only upto 256mb but the nu driver tat i've installed now supports upto 384 mb mem.. and so i hav a 384mb of video mem now... still i'm runnin on only a 1gb ddr2... :)

Hi again.

Sriram 1695 what drivers did you download, did you set graphic adapter on PCI or onboard in bios.It turns out that I have only 224 mb memory and onlyGMA 950 possess this memory. Maybe I have different version of G965 or it is fault of manufacturer. I am so mad that I think I will purchase new graphic card.

hi marcinw1987,

did u checkout the link tat i posted...? if not check it and download the gma driver.. i think its version 14... after installin the driver it prompts u to reboot ur system.. when ur system reboots, enter the bios setup.. set the graphics adapter either to auto or onboard.. in the video cinfiguration set the video memory to maximum dvmt... savew the settings and jus continue to boot ur sytem... tats it.. its all done then..

Thanks for suggestions sriram 1695, but it still not working. Is performance in gaming increased after changing memory? It will be the best for me if I will upgrade new graphic card. I am planning to buy BFG Tech 7600 GT 256 MB, it costs only 90$ after 50 $ of rebate.

i downloaded the new driver and it gave me 384mb but y is it still saying i have gma 3000

Does Intel support looking here? could some Intel developers explain to the support the situation about drivers?

This isn't exactly a user support Forum-- it's designated for software developers. It just happens to be one of the only places Google reveals when people are asking these questions, so people are coming here for support, even though it's not regularly forthcoming.

archibael, you are right, but is there any better place to reach the ears of Intel developers? Especially for those ppl, who bought their motherbords from ASUS (like ASUS P5B-VM, based on G965) and see the ridiculous answers from ASUS support. Indeed, ASUS actually can not change the situation with drivers predefined by Intel. We are ASUS customers, we can't apply for Intel's support!

Dear developers from Intel! We ask you, would you be so kind as just to let your bosses know about the problem with WinXP video drivers for G965, please!

No, I understand and agree, vak. At the very least, by posting here, the users can share the solutions they've found. I just wouldn't assume the developers are necessarily going to address issues we bring up here, as its not in the charter of the Forum. There is an Intel support request system, but it doesn't appear to be generating the results people want. This is probably the best solution we have, for now, but there's no guarantee anyone's listening except ourselves.

Is GMAX3000 does have DirectX 10 hardware chip on motherboard ?

Like ATI 200 chipset base Intel GGC101 board had.

Is there any improvment compare to 945 Board which used GMA 950.

If compare which one is bet ATI 200 chipset or GMA X3000 graphic ?

It it have sepreate memory slot for graphic? [a long awaitng one]

which memory require for same DDR1 or DDR2.&* is memory must for it or can take from system memory?

i have the same problem the posters 1 and 2 have... i also use HP media center edition a1642x... it says clearly in the CPU that it uses GMA 3000... but i saw in Intel's website that G965 is supposed to have GMA x3000... I'm now very unsure if future drivers will be able to support hardware T&L if my computer only has GMA 3000 instead of x3000... Can I please ask how you solved your problem?.. thanks in advance... :)

Have you loaded thelatest drivers? I seem to recall reading in recent release notes that the "X"/"not-X" labelling was fixed.

If you have G965, you have X3000. If you have Q965 or Q963, you have 3000.

Please if you would kindly refer me to a paper or stat that can show me if I run a D945 2.8Ghtz CPU if I can upgrade to the D945 3.4 Ghtz mentioned above/in the quote.

thanx much,


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