Link to Intel Graphics Profiler

Link to Intel Graphics Profiler

Version 2.1 currently works on 915G/GM and 945G/GM only. We are actively working on version 3.0 which will support the 965 family.

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I'm using the IGMAP on an application built around the Torque engine. The Torque engine allows either OpenGL or DirectX. When I use DirectX the profiler works fine, but when I use OpenGL it showsFrames Per Second: 0, Polys Entering HW Binner/s: 0, and Zone Rendering is red.

Total Video Memory, Polys Entering Renderer/s, Total Pixels Rendered/s, and Pixel shader Loads/s are displayed in both cases.

DirectX shows Z-Evicts/s equal to the frame rate. All other numbers are 0 in both cases.

I'm using the 945G with drivers.

Any idea why this happens with OpenGL?


What OS are you running on? Are you running on Vista?

I'm running on MS Windows XP.


What exactly does the Intel Graphics profiler do?

Where can I download The Intel Graphics profiler?

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