GMA950 Register specification

GMA950 Register specification

Is there any way to get the SVGA configuration register specifications for the GMA950 without needing to sign an NDA? I'm interested in writing a driver for that particular chipset in my hobby OS, and am reluctant to use any x86-specific functionality where it isn't needed (for example, no INT10, VM86 mode, or temporarily switching to 16-bit protected mode, especially as the last isn't supported in long mode...). Figure 13 of is tantalizingly close, but it stops just short of what I need...

Should I be looking more at an OGD board (when that's released), or is there any hope of free specifications?

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You'll need an NDA.

madcvdesylv:You'll need an NDA.

hm, if so, then i could imagine the difficulties with good free Linux drivers and subsequently a poor video performance on out-of-the-box Linux distros similar to Gentoo or Debian.

what do you think about it?

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