Intel 82865G and Linux (Ubuntu 6.10)

Intel 82865G and Linux (Ubuntu 6.10)

I have the Intel 82865G card which is integrated to the system board of a small form factor PC (IBM ThinkCentre). My bios (latest version available) is set to allocate 32 MB Ram to the video card (max allowed). I am running Ubuntu 6.10 and the max resolution that I can use is 1280x1024x75Hz . I have a Viewsonic 19" WideScreen LCD and want to use 1440x900 which has become impossible to achieve. I run WindowsXP on the same PC (dual boot) and it works fine at that res.

I have read many posts and tried all the solutions. Nothing works. I even tried to install the Intel Linux driver but because it was not designed for my distribution I was not able to get it to install. Anybody have any real solutions?

This small form factor PC only has 1 available PCI slot which is occupied by my ATI TV Wonder Pro which works fine under Ubuntu.


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