GMA X3000 drivers for Vista RC1??

GMA X3000 drivers for Vista RC1??

ok i tried all the drivers that is on intel site that is for vista (ver 15.00 i think)

first, there's a expected error when i try to install the drivers for it.

so i manually installed the drivers through the device manager.
it installed normally.

but nothing works. i can only choose res. of 640x800 or 1024x1280
and when i go to the vista score thing, my score for gaming graphics is 1.0 (all my other score is fine ~5)
here's what it said :


Display adapter type
Intel G965 Express Chipset

Total available graphics
374 MB

Dedicated graphics
0 MB

Dedicated system
64 MB

Shared system
310 MB

Display adapter driver

Primary monitor

DirectX version
DirectX 9.0 or better
i mean why i can't get any higher res. OR when i try to play some old games
such as warcraft 3 or doom3. it can barly loads it, it's so laggy it's not playable at all.

(my cpu is e6300 and i hav 2gb of 677mhz ram)

what is happening?? i thought the x3000 on board video is at least capable of running old games, i'm not even trying to run any new games on it.

very disaapointed about the support from intel too. i tried contacting them through email, they never replied yet. (i'll try calling them, but that process will at least take 30min to even reach the right person, after about 5 transfering)

i feel that there's basically no support for the gma x3000 video card for vista at all.

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Relax, It's typical for all drivers. X3000 is FAKE.

IMHO Intel spends money on marketing, but no money on software development and support at all.

What does the word "FAKE" mean?! It doesn't have gaming graphics support?

Before purchasing I've compared G965 and Q965 based Graphics Adapters, and Exactly 3000 (Q965) didn't have it. But they wrote that it present in X3000. Is it wrong?

The key word is "Wrote". Only. All features presented in description is not hardware supported. That means most graphics depends on processor. All features like shaders 3.0 and T&L emulates by CPU. Many games don't work properly. Other games do not work at all. Strange, isn't it?


I recently bought a P5B-VM motherboard. I am using Vista Ultimate and I can not get the Vista Performance Information and Tools to update. It still shows my video score as being 1. And it says new hardware detected when I installed the new video driver however, after update, nothing changes. It continues to stay at 1 and continues to ask me to refresh my ratings.

Without Vista recognizing my video card, I am unable to run Aero glass effects or play certain DX9 games.

Suggestions? Ideas? I would really like to have some working video for Vista.

When I go into my windows to see my driver, here is the screen I get. I have updated to the latest driver, whats going on?

This is after I install the latest drivers.


Display adapter type
Standard VGA Graphics Adapter

Total available graphics memory
358 MB

Dedicated graphics memory
0 MB

Dedicated system memory
64 MB

Shared system memory
294 MB

Display adapter driver version

Primary monitor resolution

DirectX version
DirectX 8 or earlier


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