DG965WH Drivers won't install

DG965WH Drivers won't install

I've just put togehter the PC that I am using right now...

E6600 Core 2
350w PSU
1GB Kingston RAM
Seagate 250GB HD w/NCQ
Samsung DVD/RW
Windows XP Media Centre Service pack 2 -and updated.

When I try to install the Intel drivers on the CD supplied, they won't install... Are there know problems with I don;t ned the RAID driver fromthe floppy also supplied?

When I try to download drivers from the internet, I get error messages from Intels pages... :( Not happy!

Chipset ViiV Software installs, as does Network connection 9.4.170 But Quick Resume doesn't...

I can't run Media Centre and I have no sound. otherwise the PC works fine...

Is it safe to install the drivers and software for my DVD/RW?

I'm totally miserable about this having read every related forum on the net and tried yeasterday and today to download form Intels site the updated drivers... What info there is is poor or tatally confusing for someone not technically trained! I just follow instructions! And I've got so far!



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I just finished putting my computer together and installed Vista RC1. I cannot get the Intel driver CD to instal. It just says web page not found.

Any luck on your end?

I first installed XP and the CD worked fine and installed all the drivers.

Now under Vista the download CD is a no go.

JB in ET

you should first contact your motherboard supplier for these issues. Sometimes when you are on Intel site, if your internet connection has problem, it will give you those errors or the file you downloaded will not run, to get around, either turn off your modem wait for 10 minutes and try again or do it in next day.

Sound issue, will be on your codec support if you have a TV tuner install, again ask your TV tuner supplier to get you the right codec driver.

As windows xp has already got the drag & drop funtionality, there is not need for any software to be installed to do the basic file burning, but if you want to have more out of your dvdrw, you can install the software came with it usually is call Nero. If your supplier can't supply, you can contact us on 03-96390788.

I really get fed up of being told to go to the motherboard supplier. I have bought an Intel MB and Intel should supply the correct drivers and take responsibility for their products.

Further, such is the arrogance and ignorance of Intel's employees... they don't realise that we live in a global society and that their "customers" - me, do not necessarily speak the same language as their vendors...

Perhaps I should take legal action against Intel to WAKE THEM UP!

I would heartily suggest that no-one buys Intel Motherboards. Clearly they are not compatible with wither XP-Media Centre, or Vista.

I've bought DG965WH motherboard and was able successfully install Windows XP Media Center Edition. All drivers which comes with MB work as expected, I also installed the latest updates, still work. Do you really think that DG965WH is not compatible with Windows XP Media Center Edition?


Hi there you must install these drivers after fresh install of windows before updating anything. I had this happen and it is automatic that is nice


I recently built a PC using the exact same board, with Vista 32 and had the same experience. No Sound. I even added a old soundcard I had laying around. Vista said it installed correctly but then it also said that there was still no audio device installed. Lovely.

I am having the same problem. Please Help.

i also faced the same problem when installing intel drivers on vista from the DVD.
what i did was disable Vista UAC and then the drivers were installed with ease.

  1. Launch MSCONFIG by from the Run menu.

  2. Click on the Tools tab. Scroll down till you
    find "Disable UAP" (this should probably
    change to UAC in next Vista beta builds and
    in the RTM version). Click on that line.

  1. Press the Launch button.

  2. A
    CMD window will open. When the command is
    done, you can close the window.

  3. Close MSCONFIG. You need to reboot the computer for changes to apply.

that you should re-enable UAC after you're done by selecting the
"Enable UAP" line and then clicking on the
Launch button.

I am having the same problem with Windows XP. Is the driver disk a DVD?

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