Portrait mode using Intel 915

Portrait mode using Intel 915

Hello you all-knowing, :)

My laptop uses intel 915 integrated graphics, and i would like to use my external LCD montitor in pivoted to portrait mode (i use the external LCD as a single display when i'm not on the move, I might add).

Most, if not all, recent graphics cards I've dealt with in the last 5 years have had a setting to rotate the screen 90 degrees, but I can't seem to find this setting on my laptop. It's nowhere to be found in the GMA Driver settings panel, at least.

Is there any way of doing this, I wonder?

Best regards,

/ J.

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Hi there,

I am in the same boat. Just received a newHP NC6220 laptop from the office, which also uses intel 915 chip. I was very disappointed to find out that this new laptop can't support portrait mode when I plug in my wide aspect monitor, which is very common these days.

The only other solution may be to buy a 3rd party software to rotate the display, perhaps Pivot Pro http://www.portrait.com/us/products/pp_overview.html I just found the software and will give it a try.


Thanks for the pointer, Blue20AE! I installed the software, but the solution wasn't good for me. Apperently the hardware video accelleration gets turned off - and i need that for movies occationally. Just for office application, I suppose the solution is satisfactory.

...No driver for Vista despite hardware support, and no rotate! The 915 driver guys are really fast asleep. Thanks for such crappy support of your own hardware.

Okay, I was wrong. I installed the latest Intel drivers, and I actually found support for screen rotation from the control panel - with hardware video and the works! I apologize.

Does this mean that there will be a WDDM driver for 915, despite this, too? :) That'd truly be great...!

/ J.

I will admit on the outset that I am not technical. But I did purchase a Sony VAIO with the 915 chipset, which at the time,1.5 yrs ago, was the best available. I amquite upset that Microsoft and Sony, who do have partnerships, couldn't get together to support technology less than two years old. Paying over $2K for a notebook and being held hostage by Microsoft to purchase another machine because mine cannot support Vista Portrait (I apologize if I am wrong, but it seemed from the previous notes that this is the issue, WDDM) on my machine, is just ridiculous. What hapened to beta tests, and Engineering teams producing technology good for more than two years?

I do hope it can be supported, because if I have to replace my machine because I missed the core duo in a 3 month subsequent box, then yes I will have to replace my notebook, but I won't buy a Sony! Tell that to your partner, partner!

I suggest you won't buy an Intel machine in the future too. I too bought a new laptop a few months ago only to find out I can't enjoy the full Vista experience... So I switched to Ubuntu Linux where the 3D desktop works despite the apparent lack of hardware support

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