GMA 900 video issues

GMA 900 video issues


I'm trying to get my UMPC (Tabletkiosk EO i7210) to achieve consistent gaming performance. This unit is equipped with a Intel 915GMS chipset with 900GMA and DirectX 9 compatability. Initially I was impressed with the overall performance, I installed and tested a few demos of games with varying results, but somewhere along the way the driver began having issues.

Basically what I am witnessing is that the demo will load, only to drop out and minimize to taskbar unable to achieve full screen video. In one instance I was having excellent performance with the game "Guild Wars" in windowed mode, however switching to full screen resulted in the game minimizing upon startup. This is happening on most demos that previously worked flawlessly. I've tried various combinations of replacing drivers with current, rolling back via system restore to try and discover what if any updates are causing the errant behaviour.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I belive that it is more than likely a simple fix due to the fact that the demos have worked in the past flawlessly, and some combination of driver/direct x updates are causing the minimizing behaviour to occur.

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