Intel GMA 3000 driver for Windows 2003

Intel GMA 3000 driver for Windows 2003

I have a DQ965gf motherboard and wanna know if there is an official or unofficial driver for windows 2003?


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Wouldn't the Windows XP driver work?

Unfortunately the XP driver does not seem to work. I'm using a DG965WH board with an GMA X3000. I was very disappointed to see, that Windows Server 2003 is not supported.

The driver installs but after reboot I've got only 640x480 and 4 bpp and I cannot change it.

If anybody has got an idea how to get the driver work I'd really like to hear about it.


I can ask, but that OS is rather old. I'll see what I can find out though.

Hi, I hawe the sam problem with Windows Server 2003 and DG965WH motherboard. It will be great to hawe some driveres for that OS.

I have a similar issue. I have got a DG965RY classic series, but the GMA X3000 is not compatible with Windows 2003 server. Could you please help me?

Not sure, you'll need to ask

- Chuck

Intel support claims that these are desktop boards and therefore Windows Server 2003 is currently not supported.

Don't know why they say "currently".

I never saw any such statements when I looked at the product descriptions ofthe DG965WH and I'm really negatively surprised. Especially a board with integrated graphics and a 6 port SATA RAID controller isa good basis for a very small server.

Anyhow, it seems we've to live with the restrictions ...

Open up regedit and go to this key
My ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management

Change the value of LargeSystemCache from 1 to 0
Restart and see if this resolves the problem. Reinstall the driver if applicable.

The driver works but the installis broke or lame. Just open the device manager and update the driver manually. After unzipping the downloaded driveruse the folder called "graphics" as the location of the updated driver.

corvette2, thanks that was helpful. Do you use DG965RY with Win2003? That is what I'm trying to do.

Do you ever try to run it in compatibility mode for XP?

Dear All

I had been try G965 XP x64 display driver on 2003 x64 , it can't run , it say the windows is not support .

Did any one try this ?

Si, Gracias este funcion bien, sin embargo no usando el setup.exe, en su lugar lo instale desde la pestalla "Update Driver" en "Hardware Devices" en "System Properties.


[English] Yes, thank's this work fine, however not using the setup.exe file, instead installing from the "Update Driver" in "Hardware Devices" in "System Properties".


This link doesnt seem to be giving me the zip file.

It just takes me to the root of the website.

Please can you place this zip in some share?

Hey dude,

you can use all windows XP driver on windows server 2003 but you need to update your windows. I would suggest you just download and install windows server 2003 service pack 2 and driver installation will be as easy as on XP.

If you found any problem mail me at

keep rocking

I have the same problem!!!!
with DQ965GF motherbord with all the drivers for WINDOWS 2003 R2 (video, pci, symply comunication controler.... drivers!!!!!!!!!)

Please anyone can help me contact me

This is really stupid of Intel. Their support is stuborn as a rock and would not help.

I also need g965 driver for server 2003 as well. anyone have any?

As a user posted earlier.

Download the Win XP version. Extract it to where ever you want, just note the location. Go into device manager, update your display driver manually and browse to the graphics directory from the drivers you extracted. This will install a working driver. I have done this successfully for my Windows 2003 Server 32 bit. If you want to play games, be sure to run "dxdiag" from the command prompt, choose the display tab, and enable direct draw. I had to then re-install direct x 9.0c and I am now able to play "Sins of a Solar Empire" Successfully.

Also FYI, I am running the same chipset as you.

If you or anyone else has a question concerning the steps I have done shoot me an email.

take care all, hope it helps. I know this forum just helped me tonight. Thanks to all whom posted before me.

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