Beta drivers for GMA X3000

Beta drivers for GMA X3000

Could you please provide me with the beta drivers fro GMA X3000. I heard that beta versions 14.26 and 14.27 are ready and that they support Hardware T&L and SM 3.0.

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i think these are beta drivers version 14.25 for Vista... I was referring to driver versions 14.26 and 14.27 for Windows XP for GMA X3000

i am also interested in the new beta drivers. perhaps someone from the intel group can help? or is this forum meant to enable communication between the users?


I'm realy tired of waiting new SERIOUS drivers for X3000...

Now the situation is: I bought the product that I simply cant use. I even can't understand when new drivers will appear. Here's no information about this. I'll better buy a new trd party video. Dont wana wait until summer.

PS excuse my english. Thats not my language.

i agree,

in the specification of this x3000 are lot of interesting attributs buti cannot this use bcs. it is no a driver for this.

i cannot understand why intel sell a motherboard with a graphic card that do not worked accord specifications.

this is not a good way to make a good mark

God yes! It would be great to get some fast drivers for the G965, even if they're beta quality. I'd be happy to help debug them.

If releasing beta drivers isn't an option, can you give us an idea when to expect the 14.26 driver release? Based on leaked presentations I've seen on the web, 14.26 will supposedly include full support for the G965's hardware acceleration.

Hm, yeah, that one does appear to be newer. From both the DG965OT and G965 driver download pages, the latest driver appears to be:

* Driver Revision: PV 14.25

* Package: 29435


* Graphics:

while the one you referenced seems a little newer:

* Driver Revision:

* HDMI Audio:


* Package: 29811


* Beta

Here's hoping it's faster than the 14.25 version! Thanks!

Are they any better? Right now I'm using PV 14.25 and I noticed amajor improvement over the drivers that came with the pc (They were from June).I only play a few games and the upgrade from my previous drivers to PV 14.25 allowed me to run Battlefield 1942 onhighsettings with only minor hitches, which was impossible with the old drivers. In your opinion,are theyworth the upgrade or would I be better off with PV 14.25?

To be frank, i'm really disappointed with Intel's failure to deliver the driver (ver 14.26) as per its own roadmap. I lost patience and bought a NVIDIA 7600GS. Beats waiting for Intel's driver release. Although it would be interesting to see what GMA X3000 is capable of after installing version 14.26.

new ver released 14.25.50

now max shared memory is 384MB

but still vertex shader and HW transform lighting not fixed

It would be gr8 if you can provide the download link for the same. Intel's website has the same old download link.

You can find the 14.25.50 drivers here:*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go%21

There are a number of bug fixes as well as the memory support increase.


You can find the 14.25.50 drivers here:*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go%21

There are a number of bug fixes as well as the memory support increase.

14.25.50 --> shown as

according to OpenGL Extensions Viewer from
this driver gives support up to OpenGL 1.5 only (no 2.1, no 2.0)

performance of directx is still very poor too

Thanks a ton for the link dude!!! Any ideas about when the final 14.26 version with hardware rendering would be released? I think it was supposed to be released in December, 2006.

I installed the new drivers. Played Half-life 2 and found no improvements in frame rates :(

When Intel will be release drivers for GMA X3000 (HW T&L
and vertex shader 2.0 or 3.0)? in February?

Yeah, this release was apparently bug fixes only, + 384MB enable. Hence the 14.25 "and a half" instead of 14.26, which everyone is anticipating for HW T&L to improve performance.

any news about the driver? there is no activity seen and Intel is simply ignoring the customers

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