1920x1080p with the GMA900 (915)

1920x1080p with the GMA900 (915)

I have a Dell Optiplex SX280 with integrated GMA900 graphics (915). I am trying to drive an LCD TV (tried two different ones) at the native 1920x1080p resolution.

Unfortunately it is not an available choice, contrary to the White Papers on the GMA900 that list HD resolutions as supported.

All I get is 1600x1200 and 1920x1200, which both work fine. If it can do 1920x1200, then surely 1920x1080 would work!

I've tried both XP and Vista -- neither offer 1920x1080 as a resolution.

Any suggestions?

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Have you unchecked the "Hide Modes" box onthe Monitor tab?

915 is capable of supporting 2048x1536.

915 does not support1080p nor can itread a CE EDID. Thus if the mode does not appear in the first EDID block it will not be read. Unchecking "hide modes" should fix the issue.

But according to the Intel docs, it SHOULD support 1080i and 720p, neither of which are shown either (even if I uncheck hide modes).

If I switch to the Embedded driver, 1920x1080 is showing up (yeah!) but when I select it, my LCD panel says 'unsupported mode' (both of my 1080p panels). Since it is clearly a supported resolution of the panel, I suspect it is a timing issue.

Open to further suggestion.


If youare using the embedded VBIOS, our driver is unsupported (meaning there could be whatever issues). BTW, this forum is for software development for Intel Integrated Graphics. You should be deferring your usage questions to :




OK, I understand this isn't the forum (didn't, but now I do), but I admit to lots of frustration. The marketing materials and all the white papers LOUDLY proclaim support for HDTV resolutions, but all I get from every source is the runaround.

Hmm, did you install the correct MONITOR.INF for the TV display you are trying to drive? You might try that.

- Chuck

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