question about frame buffer access with 2700G decoding

question about frame buffer access with 2700G decoding

Hello everybody,I have got a problem that need your help.In 2700G video decoding, there is sometime that I need to access the data that is just decoded.To be more specific,right after the command GXVA_CMD_IMAGE_WRITE is sent out, I would like to read the data ofthis macroblock in the frame buffer, but I found that theexpecting data was not available, which meantthis macroblock data was not written toframe buffer yet.My question is: how doI judge that the writing operation is finished,oris there any way that I can tell the completment of the operation?Thanks!

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You can issue a STORE DWORD command after the indicated operation. When the address pointed to by the STOREDW command gets updated, you know the STORE command...and all other commands before it...have compeleted.

Also, you must issue a MI_FLUSH prior to the Store DWORD, to ensure the command has actually completed.

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