IEGD 5 Drivers - CH7021 Support (Linux)

IEGD 5 Drivers - CH7021 Support (Linux)

Hi,I am eager to get support for the CH7021 TV enconder via sDVO under Linux. Your current driver seems to support some of the other Chrontel encoder chips but not specifically this one. I have asked Chrontel to provide the full datasheet for the chip (not sure if they will) which should list the registers and codes needed to configure the chip.I understand that there is an SDK / generic drivers available to support currently unsupported DVO devices. I would like to be able to add support for this chip in some fashion. I'm quite happy to code the changes and pass them back to you as required. Would you be able to help me?Thank you

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I have an Aopen M915-M,
And i run Linux on it.
But I also miss the support of the Chrontel CH7021A.
Now i have to add another video card to get TV-OUT support.
I hope that you go to support that chip soon.

There is some support for this chip under linux via xorg, you probably need to ask on the xorgmailing lists to find out more.

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