intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controler..... Please Help ME

intel(r) 82810E Graphics Controler..... Please Help ME

ok...... first off the colors only go up to 24bit witch suck bad...

i have a 750 mhz computer with an AOpen motherboard.... my intel graphics controller is integrated, and so far... IT SUCKS!!!!

Last night i was trying to play a game called Halo, and this error popped up
"a problem occured while initilizing Direct3D. Hardwere acceleration may be disabled, please run DXDIAG"

So i ran the program, tesed out all of the stuff and it came out fine.... but it said i had 5.5 megs of video mem. That stuff is not cool. That was one of three errors that came up when trying to starr Halo. I also tryed to play a game called Morrowind....... requires 32bit color........ why do i have 5.5 megs of video mem and only 24 bit color.........

Can any one help me fix my problem.... i dont have the money to buy a new video card.

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You'd rather ask this question somewhere else. It is the place to talk about Intel Integrated Performance Primitives libraries, to discuss experience of using it, to share ideas, to talk about problems and of course to find the way to solve them:)

So, actually I don't think someone here could help you with your video card, sorry.



I need upgrade the (82810E Graphics Controller), therefore helps me on the matter.



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