Recommended fast texture streaming method for HD video?

Recommended fast texture streaming method for HD video?

I am working on real-time video software and would like to upload multiple HD resolution images to textures.

Ideally I'd like to load at least 4  streams at 1080p resolution, updating those textures at 30-60hz.  Due to the real-time nature of this software, low latency is also important.

What is the recommended way to do this in OpenGL?

My current system is an Intel i7 with Intel HD 3000 GPU.  So far, performance has been poor and using PBOs to modify textures has not improved performance.

I've heard of an extension GL_INTEL_map_texture, however I can't find any documentation on it, nor does it appear in my current extension set.

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I didnot know what OpenGL is used for. If you use Intel media sdk Decoder to decode 1080p streams, it is better to use Directx instead of OpenGL. My test shows that Intel i7 -2700K can decode 6 1080p h264 streams at 30 FPS without any problem. Good luck.

Thanks jiuxiang. I am currently using the Intel Media SDK for both decoding and encoding. It is indeed very fast. I am however seeing poor performance displaying video on screen. I need to upload video frames for post processing and display. That's why I want to know the most efficient ways to do that. Are there any specific reasons DirectX is better than OpenGL for this purpose?

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