Intel 82945G Express 1680x1050 Asus VW222S Issue

Intel 82945G Express 1680x1050 Asus VW222S Issue

I removed my nVidia 8600GT, so I am left with Intel 82945G Express. Problem is that I am getting 1024x768, and when I switch to 1680x1050 I get messy text & photos on my Asus VW222S. 

I`ve installed:

First this (nothing changed) -

Than I installed this (again, nothing changed) -

I assume that problem is with so called EDID, but I have no idea how to solve my problem. 

Please note that I am total noob about drivers & stuff :/

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This forum is for developer questions on using Intel graphics hardware -- in other words, how to write software that avoids the problems you are having with your machine. If our drivers are behaving poorly on your machine, post your issue at our consumer graphics forum: Our driver team checks that forum for reports that have enough detail to follow-up. Be prepared to write a more thorough issue report and provide a screenshot of the issue, if possible.

I'm sorry I can't transition your question over there directly, because the forums are hosted using different systems. I hope you are able to get your problem resolved there.


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