Application GUI Validation Problem

Application GUI Validation Problem

An application I submitted failed validation and I have a few questions about how to track the problem down. Apparently the issue has to do with the GUI but the message I received is just about the vaguest response possible and I am lost as to what the problems are because the application was designed to be braindead easy to use and basically just has "next" and "back" buttons which takes the user through the process of recovering data from flash media. I looked over the validation guidelines and still don't see why my app would fail. I sent a response to "Community Admin" who was who sent me the validation failure response and I asked for more details as to why my app failed and what needs to be changed, will I recieve a response or is that user just used for sending validation failure information and does not respond to messages sent back? I hope to get the application validated ASAP in order to try and qualify for some of the early bird prizes so I would like to know the best and quickest way possible to find out what needs to be changed with my application. Thank you
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Please post the response from the validator here and I will try to assist.

Thank you for the assistance Brian, below is the response.

I think where the "problem" occured is at the step the flash media is examined, there is a progress bar displayed and a "back" and "next" button as well as the text "The media is now being examined and files are being recovered. When the process has completed, you can move on to copying the recovered files from the flash media". After the media is examined the intuitive thing to do would be to click the "next" button (since there are only 2 buttons displayed) and I am guessing since it does not clearly say to click the next button that is why the evaluator said "the thumb drive stopped flashing, there was no sign othe GUI, nor any prompting to tell the user what to do next.". After clicking the next button the recovered files are displayed.

Also, I went through the help documentation because of the comment "The user experience observed did not match the help document pages", and the step by step directions match exactly to the user experience so I am confused here too. It would be nice if the people doing validation would point out exactly what the problems are and offer acceptable fixes, that would help developers make the needed changes quickly and without having to guess as to what exactly the problems are.

Here is the response:

Failure Reason: UIX02 - User interface consistency

Additional Comments: Experienced UI issues on Win-7. After the thumb drive stopped flashing, there was no sign othe GUI, nor any prompting to tell the user what to do next. No data was presented about any recovered files. The user experience observed did not match the help document pages

Check the failure code against the Intel(R) Application/Component Suitability Guidelines
and Validation Criteria document. This document lists the error codes and the associated
tests that were run on your application. Additional comments provided may help narrow
down the specific failure(s).

Once you revise your code please resubmit it for validation.

Best regards,
Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program Team


User interface design is one of the areas of application development that is more subjective. As such, the validation of such a category is more complex. It looks as though in this case, the tester did not feel the application interface was 1.) Easy enough to understand OR 2.) Lacking adequate documentation (More than likely #1).

When you receive a response that you do not fully understand, you can simply reply to the tester asking for further detail. Now, given that this is Application Developer Program is still relatively new, and the Testers are currently under a heavy load a bit of patience on the reply may be needed.

To sum up my reply, I would suggest enhancing the UI a little more to provide a more verbose experience. Best of luck!


Thank you very much for the prompt response. I have made a few changes one of which is after the media is examined some grayed out instructions become un-grayed out and clearly say "click the next button to continue to the recovered files". Hopefully that is all that is needed. I am waiting for a response but have decided to re-submit the current changes due to the submission deadline for prizes. I hope it passes this time!

Your solution sounds quite reasonable. Please post back if you have any trouble. Best luck!

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