Failure ILU03

Failure ILU03

Hi, Our application fails submission with error ILU03. We test locally and application runs fine in our netbooks with windows xp and windows 7, also the game is already released in the mayor portals, the game is running in many pc, and pass many QA validations. We don't know what is going on. Anyone with the same kind of problem? Pablo
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Please post the testers full response so we can assist. Also refer to the Validation Guidelines document for that section (ILU03).


Here is the information we got.

This is to inform you that Moonstone has failed to meet Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program's
validation criteria.

Failure Reason: ILU03 - Application launch

Also we got an error log, about a missing python module, but the module is in the installation, and that module got installed here.


ILU03 Description : Application should launch on Netbook.

Do you have a test environment?

It is critical to test your installer on a "clean" machine, one which does not have development tools or pre-installed libraries. This is a common problem, whether it is the CRT Runtime, or another required library.

Yes we have an xp just installed without any development app, and is working, also the game is already sold to customers in the major portals without any problem.

Is this XP system a brand new install? Meaning this has never been installed before? This is important as previous installation can leave behind a dependency, giving the effect that your current MSI is working properly .

Please see this post, if you are interested in a quick and easy way to test using a guaranteed fresh XP install each time you create your MSI:

Another question: Did you upload the MSI once or have you uploaded more than once? If multiple times, ensure the MSI filename is changed each time, as there is a bug in the Dashboard where previous MSI uploads are not overwritten if the file name is the same.

Best of luck!

Also, if your App is compatible with Windows 7 and you have it marked as such in your Dashboard, you will need to test under Windows 7 as well.

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