Meta Validation Falied ---

Meta Validation Falied ---

What does "DES01 - Content and Description Fields" mean........ Can anyone help me?
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I got also this rejection, but I didn't find any directly prohibited contet, but few I suspect of.

Can I mention third party plugin maker name, in my case Newton game dynamics? I removed that.
Can I use screenshot from the game menu?
Is the "touchpad" any trademark?

And, do I have to remove all the screenshots and upload them again to pass the validation this time?

Hi Tuppe,

Thank you for your query.

The General Validation Guidelines can be found on this link:
I suggest as long as all the criterias used in your application are within tha guidelines, then there should not be any problem with the validation.
Please go through the guidelines again and make any necessary changes and re-submit the application. Please also remember to mention the changes you have done in th Submitter Notes in the application submission.

I would assume the screenshots is not the cause of the application being rejected.

If you are still unsure why your application got rejected by the validation team and that the reason you were given in the Rejection email is not clear and you are still concerned you can create a support ticket and we will follow up:


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Intel® AppUp(SM) Beta Center

DG Rooven


Were you able to determine the cause of your validation failure? I strongly suggest replying to the validation failure message, asking for further detail and a screen shot of the problem if possible. Please keep in mind that the validation team may take some time to reply.

Okay, thanks for the info, I sent reply to the rejection PM.

I still have no idea what could be wrong, only I can think of would be the mention of "Newton"


Are you using any libraries which require disclosure or reference (GNU, MIT, etc.)? It may well be that using a trademarked name without giving credit to the owner could cause this type of failure. I am sure they will respond with an answer to help you along. Best of luck.

Well, I have mentioned use of Newton.dll like this in Credits menu, available in main menu:

Newton Game Dynamics
Newton DBPro wrapper
1.31-1.32B by Kjelle
Updated to 1.53 by Tiresius

Should I mention any more specific info? For example like this:

"Newton Game Dynamics License Version 1.53
Copyright 2003-2007 Newton Game Dynamics. All rights reserved."

This is what the Newton lisence says at 3th section:
3) The LICENSEE agrees to credit the use of the Newton Game Dynamics in any program information, including splash screens, "About" dialogs, program notes or instructions and shrink-wrapped packaging.

And I have done that, I've mentioned "Newton Game Dynamics" literally in game credits.

But anyways only thing I can do is just wait for the specific reason answer.


It looks as though you have adhered to the license agreement. Perhaps sending the validator a link to that license may be helpful in your situation.

Related discussion:

Thanks for the cross reference.

Hi Praveen,

Brian's suggestions are correct.
Please go through you application's description, title, notes, submitter notes, pictures, screenshots, ratings ..etc, and make sure they are all according to the requirements.

If you are still unsure, you may reply to the email from validation asking for clarification.


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program Team.

DG Rooven


This could be caused by a number of things:

1.) Using the word ATOM in your title or description
2.) Using inappropriate words for your age rating
3.) Not including a proper icon or screen shot for your entry

To edit these fields, go to your Dashboard, and edit your entry. Make the needed changes and re-submit.

I would suggest that you reply to the validation failure message for further detail as to what caused the DES01 failure,

Hi Do I have to resubmit the binary or just the icons and other requied fields


The order of validation is Binary, then Meta Validation. Currently if your entry fails Meta Validation and its status is set back to "Rejected" you will need to update the icons/required fields (Meta Data), and click through the wizard to re-submit. This usually involves uploading the same binary installer again.

I would suggest adding a note at the end of the wizard indicating that your have only modified the meta content so the tester is reminded of the status.

Hope this time we would be successful

Seems to me the validation process is working and the testers are doing their task.

I think one thing we all need to remember is that this is still a beta, and each problem turns into a fix eventually so others do not see the same issues we do. If everything was "perfect" there would be no need for a beta stage. Best of luck, please reply if you have any trouble.

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