Published app not on Store

Published app not on Store

Hi All, We have developed a game App titled Bubble Rush V1.01 which was published on the App Store on 15th of April. I have not been able to find the app on the store at all since then. I even asked a resident of US to check the store and still same result. The app status is showing as published on my dashboard. Does anyone know what might be the trouble?
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I have just performed a search for the application and I was able to find it.

Please check that you are using the correct operating system. The application is targetted for Windows XP and you will only find it on Windows XP AppUpS(M) Center. If you are using Windows XP but cannot find it, please can you re-install the AppUp(SM) again. You will not find it o Windows 7 or Moblin Operating systems.


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DG Rooven

Roovens suggestion is likely correct. Another thing to try is to close AppUp, then terminate the "Service manager" process, and restart AppUp.

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