What is this rejection reason "DES01 - Content and Description Fields?"

What is this rejection reason "DES01 - Content and Description Fields?"

I got this rejection reason for one of my apps. "Failure Reason: DES01 - Content and Description Fields Additional Comments: Rejecting for meta validation error DES01 - Content" What do all these mean? The DES01 code is not in the Validation Guideline, http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/validation-guidelines. And the description doesn't help at all. Without specifics there's no way to fix any of the issue.
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This could be caused by a number of things:

1.) Using the word ATOM in your title or description
2.) Using inappropriate words for your age rating
3.) Not including a proper icon or screen shot for your entry

To edit these fields, go to your Dashboard, and edit your entry. Make the needed changes and re-submit.

I would suggest that you reply to the validation failure message for further detail as to what caused the DES01 failure,

I also got this exact same error, (http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/node/1026) and I replied the message 6 days ago, and I haven't heard from answer.

What can I do now? I'm getting quite worried that I can't make to the competition althought my game is ready.

Here are my description fields, tell me if you spot anything not allowed, I really want it to go trought, this is my last change.

Short description:

Looking for fun, skill based game? In ths table soccer game you can do countless tricks with seamless touchpad/mouse controlling against modifiable computer player.
Soon you will advance better and better. Can you beat the hardest diffuculty?

Full description:

Foosball is 3D table soccer/football game in which you can play against fully modifiable computer opponent.
It features realistic physics for accurate simulation and fun gameplay.

You will choose for how many goals you will play for, and the winner is the one that scores first the required amount of goals. Game score can be seen from the counters at the both ends of the table.

The ball is "kicked" by rotating the player handles, which are controlled by touchpad or mouse. Moving mouse back and forward will move the player position and movement to left and right will spin the players.

Opponent can be modified by setting the movement speed and kick power (spin power) from the "Advanced" menu.
There are also 3 pre-set difficulty values.

It is recommended to set the settings to your own preference and accoring your computer, such as sensitivity and graphics options. These settings are saved, and can be overriden from the Settings.ini.

Most of the controls are shown in the game when they are needed, here is more definite information:
"C" changes the camera position from one out of 3

Arrow keys will manually position the camera

"+" and "-", or mouse wheel will control the camera height

"S" synchronizes your players, meaning that it will turn all your players to 0 degree position.

Spacebar shakes the table to revive the ball if it has stopped. Only available when the ball is not moving.

"P" pauses the game, but camera controlling remains available.

"Esc" will open the main menu and pause the game. Same key is used in menu to return the game.

Most of the controls are actually presented in game when needed, but I included them to the description too.
I'm now doubting about mentioning the "Settings.ini" in description... I should be allowed to mention that, althought it is not a basic user feature?
That control information does get pretty unaligned in the AppUp, should I just remove it...?

I have the same problem. I submitted the application for validation two weeks ago, from that point I had no news at all. I finally I got a message today with DES01, that nobody knows about. I am wondering, have you guys set the GUID of your apps in Visual Studio to the GUID provided by Intel? Could it be just that?

The app is coded in C#, but the call to the Intel API are done properly. Could it be because of C#?

Also, in the screenshots, Microsoft Paint is visible. Could it be that? (These screenshots can be seen here: http://dandeware.com/screenspace/)

Finally, the app has a link to the website for the app, but it only contains information about how to buy the app through the AppUP Center.

If you have any idea, please let me know.

I've sent a message to the validation team for clarification last week, so far there's no reply. Without knowing exactly what's wrong, there's no way to fix things. Basing on the traffic on the forums, there shouldn't be too many apps in the queue. It feels like Intel is not really committing enough resource to support the developers and the app store. I've ported couple apps so far and taking a wait and see approach before porting more. So far I'm disappointed.


Thank you all for reporting your issues.
On the forums it may appear that it is not busy, however the validation team are a lot more busy validating all the applications that we are receiving daily.

I will check with the validation team to get more clarification on this specific rejection codes.

I will get back to you on this.

In the meantime, can you all (those who have mentioned) also give me the application names which got rejected with this code: DES01 ?


Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center

DG Rooven

I was encountering the same Problem and I used the iadp-validation e-mail to report my Issue,and they answered that
"there was a bug in The System that doesn't let the whole message to be Displayed,only part of it appears!"
so I advice you to use iadp-validation e-mail instead of the dashboard messages System.


sorry but, isn't some misspelling in your descriptions?

Like "Can you beat the hardest diffuculty?"

It seems to me that it would be a good reason to fail validation.

It is highly possible that there is, English isn't my mother tongue so there is probably some grammar errors.

I think I'll pass those throught some English spellchecker, but I can't myself see anything wrong with the sentence you mentioned :)

I didn't find any guidelines for proper grammar in description and I think all the guidelines should be mentioned.
EDIT: Umm, I actually needed spellchecker to notice the misspelling of "diffuculty" :D

I also had word "ths" instead of "this", thanks for the spellchecking tip, I had few other stupid mistakes here and there.

Hello All.

The system error that Mahmoud mentioned earlier was even more serious than it first appeared. In some cases details of DES01 issue were not available in either e-mail or dashboard message. We will be sending out updated messages today to all who received DES01 failures recently.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards

Hal G.

Intel Customer Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel AppUp(SM) Beta Center

I am also disappointed in the submission process. Either Intel is not taking this seriously or they need more people who know what
they are doing.


It is important to note that this opportunity is still a Beta. Just as we are learning to implement the ATOM SDK and monetize our apps, Intel is learning how to streamline this process. Please be patient and continue to provide positive feedback so this process can improve for all involved. Best of luck.

It is shame that if one's game can't make to the competition beacuse of the beta problems.
I think this is going to happen to me, as I haven't received any detailed information about the rejection. Competition closes today and only thing I can do is resubmit blindly.

Well, I appreciate the work and trouble you put on to this program. I might be out of luck to get money prizes, but I'm mostly looking for publicity for my game(s) and Intel is giving a great opportunity for that. This is my last change to make it to the competition so my hands are tied until more specific information.
But the AppUp isn't closing when the competition is, so no worries, I will upload my game there with or without attending the competition :)

I think that for those of us who are experiencing the DES01 problem, frustration comes from the fact that we have registered our apps in the developer contest, and that we don't know what is going to happen. Indeed, no one is giving us any information regarding how this validation problem will be treated with regard to the contest. Even questions in emails remain unanswered.

But what is even more frustrating is that validation for our apps took up to 15 days. During those 15 days, we would have had the time to fix any validation issue if accurate reasons for rejection were provided to us, but that was not the case. So now we are not sure to make in time for the contest, and just like Tuppe we have no other choice but to re-submit and hope for the best.

So now, can someone please tell us what is going to happen with regard to the contest?


I just received a notification that my application has successfully met validation criteria and is ready to be published. I don't really understand what happened, but I don't care: I am just happy about it.

Thank you Intel, you made my day :)

Hi All,

We recently extended the meta side (descriptions, feature lists, content ratings, screenshots, etc) of our validation process in at attempt to be able to provide more detailed feedback to you, but have had a couple hiccups in the process.

The biggest hiccup--or burp?--was that our Private Message tool was choking on simple characters in our error messages we were trying to send to you. Eg, & or ' or ". No fun... The error should have been DES01 - Content & Rating --> followed by a very detailed explanation of the error, including suggested spelling or grammar edits for app descriptions. We're in the process of going back through all of the apps that were rejected for meta reasons and making sure we email all of the developers with our suggestions.

Here's a summarized list of the meta error messages you might see. We're working on getting these documented in a more formal fashion in the validation guidelines.

DES01 - Content and Description Fields --> apps have spelling or grammar issues, descriptions cannot be understood or otherwise inadequately describe your apps. We'll do our best to provide suggestions, but you're ultimately responsible for putting your best foot forward with your apps.
DES02 - E-mail and Support URLs --> your support email address bounces or your support URL doesn't work
DES03 - Custom End User Terms and Conditions --> custom Ts & Cs are incompatible with program model or introduce other legal issues
IMG01 - Icon --> icon is inappropriate, contains trademarked materials without permission, etc
IMG02 - Screenshots --> screenshots are inappropriate, contain trademarked materials without permission, etc
RTG01 - Content Rating --> content rating provided for app doesn't adhere to validation guidelines
GEN01 - Misc. Issues --> a bucket for all other general issues or problems. Would include a detailed description of issue.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the confusion...


Thank you Eric. It is a Beta process after all :)

I've confirmed with our marketing team that all contest entries submitted through today, April 15th (even if not approved by validation) will be considered. If you have further questions or concerns please contact support at appdeveloper.support@intel.com

Jeff M.
Intel Customer Support

Thank you Eric for the explanation. It's good that Intel taking steps to enhance the validation steps. Please update the Validation Guideline, http://appdeveloper.intel.com/en-us/article/validation-guidelines, so that other developers can see them.

A sidenote, DES01 is really not necessary. As of now, the validation waiting period is very long, 1.5 to 2 weeks. Having an app failed validation with spelling or grammar issues is just over the top. With resubmission, we are talking about 4 weeks turn-around time for the validation. While I appreciate Intel's help in catching all the spelling issues, I would rather have a speedy validation. Keeping the development-deployment cycle short is very important. Also misspellings sometime are intentional, for the particular target audiences.

How about having a validation pass with warnings or recommended changes instead of DES01? The spelling and grammar issues can be fixed in the next app release.

Thank you Eric for specifing the errors, I had few misspellings in my description and fixed them right away.
If there is problem with the description, does it mean that the game has otherwise passed the validation? Or does it mean that the game hasn't been yet reviewed at all, but only the description?

5MarchX thank you very much for that act, I appreciate that the beta inconveniences are overlooked as I have only been waiting for the specifing answer for the error, althought my game itself has been ready since last month.

I resubmitted my application with the description fixes, we'll see how it goes for me.

I agree with ww8520, I think it will slow down the validation process to review all the games over again because of misspellings.
They should be notified, but without rejecting the whole application.

Great feedback.

Meta validation vs. binary validation: These are two loops in a series. First, binary validation; second, meta validation. Once your app passes binary validation, it moves on to meta validation. Once your app passes meta validation, we publish it. If we reject it for a meta reason, you’re typically less than 24hrs from going live--and sometimes, even minutes, depending on how fast you can rev your content and get it back to us.

We have to evaluate your submission in its entirety (binary + meta) before we can publish it. It doesn’t do you (or us) any good if your app doesn’t work, yet has wonderfully written descriptions; or if your app works great, but no one can understand what it is because the descriptions don’t make sense. People do judge books by their covers and this is why we’ve built in the capability to capture lots of descriptive content and screenshots from you. The less you provide, the more likely someone is going to bypass your app. The more you provide, the more likely you’ll be to perk someone’s interest to buy or download your app.

Your critics judge you on how your app works; our critics judge us on how your app (and our store) looks. Some of the initial feedback from early users was: "Intel, clean up your act. Apple has set the bar high and when the apps in your store are full of typos and grammar problems, you look poorly." So, we’ve set up our processes so that we can help you out. We embrace developers from around the world, some of whom struggle with English as a second or even third language, and we want to lend a hand where we can.

We also embrace stylistic grammar "funness" or artistic typographical "cewlness," but we’re forced to draw the line at about where "Yoda like Shakespeare you make look." :)

A simple tip: Run your content through a spelling and/or grammar checking tool before you submit. It only takes a minute and can save you a submission cycle or two.

Another simple tip—short vs. long descriptions: These are standalone descriptions and are never used together. The short description is used in search results or in category lists. The long description is used only when user pulls up the full app details. We’ll also start using these in syndication feeds out to web highlights and other marketing tools. Get the most personal promotion bang for your buck by including your app name, or even your publisher name in both. App Name by Publisher Name is a….


Thanks Eric for the insight into the validation process. If the meta validation fix only takes 24hrs to process, then it's great. Hopefully the meta validation re-submission falls into different queue than the binary validation.

Absolutely...as long as you don't upload a new binary. If you just edit your app meta and resubmit, you bypass the binary queue and go directly to the end of the meta queue. If you upload a new binary at the same time you want to make meta edits, well, you're back in the binary queue. :)

A big thumbs up for Eric and Jeff.
Thank you for your help and your feedback!

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