How to post an update to my program while it is being validated?

How to post an update to my program while it is being validated?

I appologize if this was answered somewhere else and I did not see it. If I have an app being validated, how do I upload an update to the app? Do I wait until it passes or fails validation? I know it will fail due to I forgot to remove the user interface from the msi installer before I uploaded.
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Generally you will need to wait for this status to end, resulting in a pass or fail. You may contact support using the link below to ask them to cancel the validation and release the entry so you may update it. Please keep in mind, this will place your entry back in the validation queue.

OK. Thanks for the info. I figured I would probably have to wait for the validation to complete. My fault for not making sure the installer was done correctly! Thanks for the quick reply!

No worries, I have done the same thing more than once :) The good news is that the validation team continues to get more efficient. Best of luck.

I'm just glad I learned about it before I submitted more apps! Good to hear the validation team is improving! I've read through some posts where they were not very "well liked". I've had no bad experiences since siging up so I usually just ignore older posts like that anyway!

I can speak from experience, that the entire process has improved 100 fold. I believe that is the nature of any Beta offering, the iterative cycle where the process is continually improved until the point where it is ready to be released. In this case, Intel has brought not only continual improvements, but massive rewards. Please feel free to let me know if you need any help whatsoever.

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