Validating a VB.NET application

Validating a VB.NET application

Has anyone been successful in implementing any API and get the validation done for a VB.NET application? If yes, please share the steps followed. I am unable to get this done for quite some time. Thanks
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Yes, you may create a .NET wrapper to allow your VB.NET application to be submitted. There are a few caveats along the way. A bit of information was posted here:

There are also at least two providers of pre-made wrappers that you may purchase to make integration easier:

The work around provided : looks promising and deliverable.

Has anybody tried this on VB.Net app and got published??



I have successfully published a number of C# applications, any .NET CLR language would be treated the same way.

We have submitted 6 (six) VB apps with 2 (two) more rolling in this week. There are a few stumbling blocks: if the user minimizes a form (a click in the top right corner) and then later clicks it to restore to normal this won't work. You must code

Me.WindowState = FormWindowState.Normal

in the load and activated events

It has taken us several tries to get GUID handling correct and the MSI process does not produce quite the results we were aiming for in terms of directories

We're willing to share answers - contact me at


If you execute the authorization method in a worker thread you will not interrupt the windows message pump (which may be the cause of the symptom you are describing). I had a similar issue in WPF apps that present modal windows.

Hello Sunil

I have currently finished developing a vb application and is doing final touches with the set up.You can build a .net runtime of the sdk and use it for your appliation.


Where you able to resolve the window problem?

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