ILU02 - Where is this resource utility?

ILU02 - Where is this resource utility?

In ILU02 - Application must uninstall cleanly and silently it says: Check for garbage files left behind by uninstall using resource utility. Which resource utility does Intel use for windows apps and where do I find it?
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I have not seen this described in any of the articles I have reviewed. It may be that Intel does not want to share all validation tools for security/privacy purposes.

What I can do is try to help with the ILU02 validation failure. A few questions:

What libraries other than the ATOM SDK does your application use?
Does you application allow the user to create saved data files?
Does your application remove all shortcuts as well as content files that were installed by your MSI?

You may reply to the validation failure message asking for further details. Please keep in mind it may take the validation team a few days to reply.

I haven't submitted any apps yet, just working on planning. I'm new to MSI installers and am trying to figure out how to uninstall a bunch of files and registry entries our apps create in a few places. I was hoping there was a tool that would help track down all files and registry entries created by our apps.



If you run into any issues please do not hesitate to ask.

You are correct, all other files and registry entries should be reversed. It was decided that users saved data files are alright to leave behind). Some libraries cannot be easily uninstalled without potentially affecting other applications (for example DirectX), and those may remain as well.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your query.

The tools and utilities used by the validation team are not publicly available.
However a good way to ensure that you application will more likely to pass the validation is to beta test your application prior to submitting it. More information on beta testing can be found on this link:


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DG Rooven

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