Failed app-help needed

Failed app-help needed

We have a few questions about why the app keeps failing as we do not understand fully the changes we need to make so it will pass, we also have some other questions regarding validation. Below are the questions and the originial email sent from the validation team as to why the app failed. We have a few questions: 1. For the advertisement, we can change that you a link to the App Up Store product page but we will need the final link to be able to do that. 2. Also, our software works with unique serial # and we will need to know how you are set-up to call our serial manager server for the customer to receive their serial almost instantly. 3. Also, are there any other technical issues that our program does not meet or the in application advertisement is the only one? ------- Dear Valued Member, This is to inform you that Copernic Desktop Search Corporate has failed to meet Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program's validation criteria. Failure Reason: INC03 - In application advertisement Additional Comments: In-application upgrades and promotions to purchase the application outside of AppUp are not permitted. When launching the application, the app displays a message stating that this application is a trial version and it has the option of directing the user to buy the full version at the developer's website. Check the failure code against the Intel(R) Application/Component Suitability Guidelines and Validation Criteria document. This document lists the error codes and the associated tests that were run on your application. Additional comments provided may help narrow down the specific failure(s).
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Please post a screen shot of the advertisement you are using. Also please ensure that the web page it links to is not an advertising (landing) page.

As for item #2 on your list; The ATOM SDK is meant to completely replace your security/licensing system. It does not integrate with the developers serial number system.

You may reply to the validation message for more information. Best of luck.


Thank you for yout query.

1. Currently there is not a web-based version of the AppUp(SM), this is come in the future. Hence at this moment there is no specific link that will direct new consumers directly to the store and find your application. The AppUp(SM) Center is only a client program which needs to be installed and users need to be registered in order to access the store and see your applications.

However if want a link that will direct consumers to the AppUp(SM) Support page, please use our community link:
Please note, registration is required to post comments. Also, if consumers are having issues with your applications they can post on the above link and you are expected to also provide support to help them identify the issue with your application.

Link to the AppUp(SM) Center Download:

2. You do not have to do anything with the serial. The application/component identification is done by the SDK. Each application/component has a unique GUID. The GUID for each of your application/component can be found via your dashboard.

3. In your application there should be any links that can take consumers on other website where they can buy or download applications or software. You should not use your application to promote your websitor other applications that you are publishing outside the AppUp(SM). If your application is trial version on the AppUp(SM), if you want to provide a full version, you need to publish the full version also via the AppUp(SM) Center. Advertising links to full versions of applications outside the AppUp(SM) is not currently supported on our Program. This is definitely cause the application to fail validation.


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