ILU03 - Application launch

ILU03 - Application launch

Dear Valued Member, This is to inform you that Orb Blast 1.4.0 has failed to meet Intel(R) Atom(TM) Developer Program's validation criteria. Failure Reason: ILU03 - Application launch Additional Comments: In Windows XP Application does not launch from AppUp or natively from the Start menu. If the user attempts to launch the application from the desktop or start menu, the application is unresponsive. In Windows 7, if the user attempts to download the application the user encounters an error message between download and installation, and the application does not install. Please see packaging requirements located here: and troubleshooting tips located here: and confirm that your .msi meets the requirements. The application must be configured to be able to locate its resources when being launched from anywhere on the netbook. Please check your application resource paths. Please ensure that all dependencies or redistributables are bundled with the application. Please also see the article on beta testing: and beta test your application using AppUp prior to resubmission. Thank you! Check the failure code against the Intel(R) Application/Component Suitability Guidelines and Validation Criteria document. This document lists the error codes and the associated tests that were run on your application. Additional comments provided may help narrow down the specific failure(s). So anyway I've poured over the documentation, been back and forth a few times with the validation and the last time I pretty much wanted to give up but after an encouraging call from Jared I figured I would come on here and post some thoughts from our conversation and put a suggestion into work. Since the beta testing stuff doesn't work for me it's been difficult and frustrating since in order to see if something works I've had to keep sending it in, waiting a week (or more) get a new failure message, rinse and repeat. So a suggestion was to see if there was anyone on here who would like to take a crack at building an .MSI for my app? There's a free game in it for you and lots of thanks from me!
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Thank you for posting your message here.

We understand your frustration you are having in getting your application approved and published on the AppUp(SM) Center and we are here to help you.

Based on the Failure Rejection Message you gave us, it seems that the validation team was not able to successfully validate you application due to the reason stated. Please note that any application validation to through different stages and if any stage in validation it fails, the validation will not proceed and you will be informed by the validation team:

In your case it seems that the application msi targets and path are not properly set and thus causing the application for fail at launching. If you refer to this link you will find more helpful information on specifying targets and paths for your MSI.

The two most common issues causing app rejections are:
• Applications are not using the SDK(beta) or not using the SDK(beta) correctly.
• Applications are not packaging correctly according to our packaging requirements.
(Most applications are failing the packing requirement – “Silent installation – Your application must install without any required input from the user.”)

Please make sure you are checking these five things before submitting your application for validation:
(1) Using the Intel Atom developer program SDK (beta)
(2) Calling the IsAuthorized API call correctly
(3) Using the right production GUID assigned for your application and not the test GUID
(4) Packaging your application correctly according to our packaging requirements
(5) Making sure your application launches correctly on a netbook with no obvious broken links.

Beta testing is still available on the AppUp(SM). The only feature that is not working currently is the Email Invitation Notification sent to Beta Testers. If you invite somebody to beta test your application, in general they should receive an invitation email, but this is not working currently and we are investigating on the cause. However after you have invited the beta testers, though they are not getting the invitation email, if they log-in to the AppUp(SM) Center they will see you application under their pending downloads where they will still be able to download and test the application.

Beta testing application is very important as it helps developers to identify any issues in the behaviour of the application when launched from the AppUp(SM). If an application cannot be launched from the AppUp(SM) successfully, it will definitely fail validation. More information on beta testing:

If you need further help on beta testing please do not hesitate to contact us.


Intel® Customer Support
Intel® Atom™ Developer Program
Intel® AppUp(SM) Center

DG Rooven

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