Failed to open Main.cs - Packaging error

Failed to open Main.cs - Packaging error

Hi, An ISV followed the packaging guidelines and created an .msi package using MS Visual studio 2008. The app failed validation because once the app is launched from AppUp, it throws an error " Failed to open Main.cs" . However it launches from program Menu and desktop Shortcut. Please help in identifying the error. Regards, Priya
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In addition to Roovens excellent reply:

This is usually a resource issue. Indeed beta testing wil get to the root of the issue quickly. The application is not able to locate a particular image or other resource when executed from AppUp.

Are you including a file named Main.cs for deployment in your MSI? If so, may I ask why source code has been included?

Hi All,
Is it not that every .Net application is compiled (VB.Net is compiled using it's compiler, c# is compiled using it's specific compiler....) and then an Assembly is created, and assemblies can be in 2 formats (.dll & .exe) and then compilation cycle is over & runtime takes the control of Assembly & allocates & de-allocates the resources (etc). So If the app is compiled shouldn't an Exe be created is bin folder (default). And Main.cs being the host file or startup definition be a part of the compiled version? And once completed (i.e. exe generated) creating a MSI is easy.

Did your code use some method read something from the exe file directory ? ex: Environment.CurrentDirectory ......
If yes, using Assembly Class to get the exe file directory.
Path.GetDirectoryName( new Uri(this.GetType().Assembly.CodeBase).LocalPath)

If feasible you could also embed the item as a resource to keep file path issues out of the equation.

Hi Priyadharshini-k,

The most common reason for these kind of failures could mainly be because the targets/paths are not properly set while packaging the application.
I would recommend the developers go through the packaging of the application again and check if everything is properly set. The following links might be useful in troubleshooting the exact cause of the failure:

Also to better troubleshoot the issue, it is recommended that the developer beta test their application to see if they are getting any issues while launching the app via the AppUp(SM) Center before submitting for validation:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further help.


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DG Rooven

Hi Brian,

It is an opensource app and ISV is submitting it as opensource,free ware without integrating the SDK. The app is developed using torque game builder.

How do we resolve this issue ?



Ok, this makes more sense now. Your application can not find the file, this post should get you going in the correct direction:

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