Suggestion: validation wait time

Suggestion: validation wait time

I have a suggestion. Could you add somewhere on the developer dashboard information about current approximity validation wait time? I think it can be easily calculated, based on validation time of, said, last 10 applications and number of applications in validation queue.
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Interesting thread, and I think that anyone with the algorithm to deal with this would make a fortune! We have similar issues, whereby the systems do not facilitate the level of work required by tasks - one support case can take 10 minutes and another can take days. To the system, they are simply support cases.

If the Intel team are using a "triage" system to help them balance their workload, then a judgement could be made on apps that have entered triage. That is, an assessment can be made on time to validate long before the process starts. A simple arcade game can be ranked alongside a complex organiser app quite quickly.

Steve V.

Wouldn't it be possible to display the number of applications in the queue in front of my entry? That would be a nonlinear countdown, but at least I can see some progress. :-)

Hi Thomas,

Yes this would be a good idea so that developers would get a general overview of how their app is progressing in the queue.
However, this is not available at this moment and it might not always reflect the exact behaviour one would expect as not all applications take the same amount of time to get validated and published.

It depends a lot on the complexity of the app, any special requirements (hardware/software), number of applications in the queue, platforms and runtime environments, security checks and so on.


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Thank you for your suggestion.
I think it can be difficult sometime to give the approximate waiting time as this depends largely on the complexity of applications in validation.
However I will forward your request to the back end team as a new feature request/suggestion.


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I had the same suggestion some weeks ago and after discussing it with several people I came to the realization that it was not likely to become a feature. The primary reason is that each and every application is unique, from the programming language to the feature set. As such, the effort required to validate an app varies considerably (and so would the queue).

While we could make a rough guess at how long it may take, it would be just that, a very rough guess. Add several rough guesses together plus environmental factors and the data becomes less than reliable. The good part, is that they do update the status so we can see when it changes from waiting to being validated.

Ok, i see. But i have a crazy idea - you can calculate approximate wait time, based on 'call center' algorithm to calculate approximate answer wait time. :)

You are correct, there is always some sort of calculation that could be made. I think the risk is that some developers will take it for fact rather than estimate. It seems it may frustrate people if today it says "1 day" and the next day it says "3 days".

Im part of the Product Management team looking at this request and had some questions

As stated there are many factors and so the number(s) could be hard to estimate effectively and be of much value we are doing the number crunching now.

But i had a couple of clarifying question -

Do you want the time till validation starts ( i.e from submitted to actual validation beginning) or the time to validation completion - reject or publish
Wasnt clear based on the Validation in Progress vs the original request.

On the order in the queue this is also non-linear as there could be 3 complex apps all complete validation at the same time and then the number would jump by 3, or just ahead of you 20 complex apps all submitted and so you could wait a little longer the alogrythm is off

We are thinking of using the last 30 days of data as 10 apps is too small of a sample

Open to additional input Thanks

Yes, maybe this is a not good way, but sometimes, even not accurate info is better than no info.

For now i have 4 applications in the status "validation in progress", one of them is in this status for more than 14 days. And i have no idea about how long my applications will be in that status. I see no changes in my dashboard, i see no new releases in the AppUp, and i going to think what the valdation team is no more. :)

Hello Dmitry,

yes, same for me:
normally validation for my applications took about a week, but at the moment I also do have one application that is in the "validation in progress" status for 13 days now. So I'm curious, too, what they're doing with the application for such a long time. ;-)

Best regards

Good point, I did have one or two applications where I wondered if somehow the record was invisible or had a defect. In those cases the fastest answer is usually in a support ticket for now. Over the past year I have seen dozens of suggestions implemented in AppUp, so there is no ruling this request out :)

yes, same for me:
normally validation for my applications took about a week, but at the moment I also do have one application that is in the "validation in progress" status for 13 days now. So I'm curious, too, what they're doing with the application for such a long time. ;-)

Best regards

Herr Andreas, I have learned here that I MUST NOT excpect the same standards of quality, consistency and time-wise reliability
that a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or AUDI adheres to. Intel AppUp Development has been more consistent with the standards
I have seen in vehicles I have seen made by Tata Engineering.
Cheers from California.

Hello frugalic,

sorry, but why you have to say something useless to every topic you find in this forum now?

You're telling us that you lost so much time with this AppUp program, but obviously you have enough time to write useless posts here in the forum.

So I suggest you just stop spamming and save this time for something useful.

Best regards

I think from US standards perspective, validation is an unmitigated disaster. TOTAL JOKE and disaster. Loooong weekends, unpredictable results, insonsistent results. AppUp is closely approaching the level of IRRELEVANCE FOR us. Your VALIDATION team can reject same application for no reason and approve same one for the same reason on a whim. Total JOKE and embarassment to Intel ..... ...

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One possible way to estimate the validation time would be through a combination of historic data and a small amount of human intervention.

1.) Validation team qualifies a submission on a number of simple metrics (app type, platform, subjective complexity, hardware)
2.) Automated system cranks out an estimation taking the above into account against: submissions in queue, number of active testers, holidays, etc.

While it would take some effort to make this anywhere near accurate it would be worthwhile in my opinion as well.

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